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Career Outcomes Data | Surveys

Each year we survey graduating seniors and produce a comprehensive report that highlights what our students are doing upon graduation. The data includes positions, geographical locations, employers, salaries, and much more.

December 2018, May 2019, August 2019 graduates:

Complete the Cornell Career Services 2019 Postgraduate Survey.

2017 Undergraduate Snapshot: 

Download a PDF of the 2017 Outcomes piece. 

2017 Outcomes

CALS class of 2017 outcomes.

Salary Range

 CALS class of 2017 High, median and average starting salary range.

Cornell CALS graduates work and study around the world 

United States map with CALS class of 2017 work and graduate study.

World map of CALS class of 2017 work and graduate schools.


Degree types

CALS class of 2017 doughnut chart of degree types.

Chosen graduate fields of study

CALS class of 2017 list of chosen graduate fields of study.

*These data offer a snapshot of Cornell CALS students outcomes from the undergraduate class of 2017. Figures include the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

Postgraduate Dashboard

These survey results are compiled into a database dashboard and are currently available to anyone with a Cornell NetID.

Students, faculty, staff and those without a Cornell NetID can view the PDF Postgraduate reports below.

Postgraduate Reports for CALS B.S. Recipients by year (PDFs)

Cornell Career Services university-wide Postgraduate Report.

Cornell Institutional Research and Planning Dashboard.

NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) provides  Occupational Salary Calculators, HR Salary Calculators and Salary Calculator Center to assist you with your salary queries.

Summer Experience Survey

Tell us what you did this past summer - job, internship, travel, took a class, research...whatever. Your information will help others in their search for practical experiences, and inform CALS about the kinds of summer opportunities our students pursue.

View Summer Survey Results

See what other Cornell students have done during their summers for future ideas.