Academic Hiring

The following information is a resource to guide the search and recruitment processes in CALS.  The senior associate deans are responsible for administering the processes relating to professorial faculty and are available to assist.

  • Resources for Tenure-Track Faculty Searches:
  • Resources for Tenure-Track Faculty Hires:
    • Offer Letter Template for Tenure-Track Professorial Faculty
    • Finalizing Search: The following data elements must be completed in Academic Jobs Online (AJO): Dispositioning of Applicants, Applicant Disposition State, Interview Date, Availability %, Goals Information, Academic Discipline, etc. Once all the data elements are entered and the search is completed, please email your HR Rep the following information: 1. Workday Requisition Number, 2. AJO Job #, 3. Department Name, 4. Title of Hire, 5. Name of Hire, 6. Start Date.  [Note: as of July 2018, the ACSSS form is no longer required for searches conducted through AJO]
    • Household Relocation: For offers extended after July 2018, household relocation funds will be given to eligible faculty hires as a taxable lump sum payment received in their first paycheck. The new hire can use these funds to self-move or hire a moving company as they see fit, with no expectations to save receipts. Lab/office moves are paid from startup funds and must be coordinated with the hiring department.

If you would like support for moving, Cornell University has an agreement with Coldwell Banker Relocation Services for residential and/or lab/office moves. The contact is Monica Varea, (781) 684-4930,  Coldwell Banker Relocation Services also provides real estate services and information about the Ithaca area. Other Cornell approved moving companies which can be contacted for competitive pricing can be found here:  

For pre-July 2018 hires, please contact the SrAD office for the CALS Coldwell Banker Relocation Form.