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Advisory Councils

The CALS Advisory Council serves as the primary external advisory group for the dean and academic leadership of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Advisory council members provide counsel and advice concerning strategic issues and programs in teaching, research, and extension in the college. CALS is also served by several other councils who given specific advice for units and departments within our college. 



CALS Advisory Council

Robert Andolina MBA `86, Independent Finance Professional

Deborah Arrindell `79, Pharmacology and Biotechnology Industry Executive

Stephen Ashley `62, MBA `64, Chairman, The Ashley Group (Emeritus Member)

Richard Ball, Commissioner, New York State Agriculture & Markets (Ex Officio)

Carol Berman ‘94, Executive Producer, Comcast

James Bittner `80, Partner, Bittner Singer Orchards (Ex Officio)

Shari Brasner ’87, Assistant Clinical Professor, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science

Scott Braunstein `86, President/CEO, Marinus Pharmaceuticals

Kelly Brown ’88, ’92 MBA, Board Executive, A. Duda & Sons Board of Directors, Opal Foods LLC

Seth Brufsky ’88, Senior Partner, Ares Management

Peter Call `79, President/Owner, My-T Acres, Inc. (Ex Officio)

Mark Cisz ’91, Managing Director, JP Morgan

Nathan Connell ’01, Associate Physician, Brigham & Women’s Hospital Hematology Division

Ariana Constant ’09, MPS ’14, Director, Clinton Foundation

Michael Cook ’02, MBA ’07, Chief Operations Officer, Streetlane Homes (Ex Officio)

Cristen Cottrell ’99

Glen Dake ’87, Landscape Architect

Diana Daniels ’71

Nick Dokoozlian, VP of Viticulture, Chemistry & Enology, E&J Gallo Winery

John Dyson `65, Chairman, Millbrook Capital Management Inc. (Emeritus Member)

Lora Epstein ’01, Attorney

Ann Ferreira `88, Partner, Lake Country Capital

Seth Feuerstein `94, Executive Director and Founder, Center for Digital Health and Innovation, Yale University School of Medicine

Reggie Fils-Aime ’83, Retired – President & COO, Nintendo of America

David Fisher `84, President, New York Farm Bureau, Partner, Mapleview Dairy (Ex Officio)

Michelle Flowerman ’08, ’09 MBA, Brand Manager, Unilever

Martha Furie ’74, Professor, Stony Brook University

Catherine Gaffney `89 Vice President of Cheese, Deli, and Cheese Caves, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

Jeffrey Geller ’94, Orthopedic Surgeon

Andrew Gellert ’89, President and Treasurer, Atalanta Corporation

Brad Grainger `79, Retired – Managing Director, Cain Brothers

Jennifer Jones `94, Global Clinical Operations, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Michael Kreher `00, Partner, Kreher Family Farms (Ex Officio)

Jessica Lattman ’90, Oculoplastic Surgeon

William Lipinski ’79, President/CEO, Farm Credit East (Ex Officio)

Rick Lowe `90, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Charlie Lynch `90, MBA `95, Senior Vice President, NetJets, Inc. (Chair)

Paul Lushenko MA ’22, Ph.D ’23

Patti Mandel ’83, MBA ’85, Visiting Lecturer, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

Scott Marshall `91, President & CEO, Marshall Farms Group Ltd.

Alison McKiegan Gillott ’93

Sarah Mehta `01, President, PianoPiano

Denise Meridith ’73, CEO & President, World’s Best Connectors LLC

Griffin Moag ’06, COO Cottonwood Ag Management

Wendy Nacht `79

Brian Nicholson ’94, President, Red Jacket Orchards

John Noble `76, President, Noblehurst Farms (Emeritus Member)

Michael Nolan ’77, RBC Wealth Management

Emma Ractliffe

Bret Richter `92, CFO, Ziff Davis, Inc

Wesley Sand ’91, Chief Operating Officer, AGR Partners

Katie Schoenberg ’03, Ph.D.’10, Global Talent Acquisition Strategy, Elanco Health

Lorette Simon Gross ’89, MBA ’90

David Smith Ph.D. ’78

Sudip Thakor '86, Managing Partner, Pumori Capital

John Toohey ’84, Meteorologist, WTVJ NBC Miami

Kim Wagner ’85, Founder and Co-Owner, Tbgd Partners, LLC, Founder & Co-Owner, Stoutridge Distillery & Winery

Jarrid Whitney ’94

Martha Williams ’20, Membership Coordinator, Black Farmer United NYS

Elizabeth Walters (Ex Officio)

Craig Yunker `72 (Emeritus Member)