WRI Presentations

Cornell Climate-Adaptive Design Studio: Building Capacity for Climate Change One City at a Time

MAR 21, 2017

Check out this poster that has been used at several events to highlight design work for flood-prone Hudson Riverfront communities

Making the case for OWTS management: lessons from case studies and research

DEC 14, 2016

Poster presented by Brian G Rahm at 2016 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA 

Vail, E. 2016. Watershed Planning Basics. Catskill Creek Communities Meeting, Catskill, NY.

MAY 19, 2016

Czajkowski, Katherine. The Mohawk River Basin Program: Creating A Sense of Place

MAY 4, 2016

Vail, E. 2015.Green Infrastructure Codes and Ordinances

JAN 27, 2016

Vail, E. 2015. Infrastructure prioritization RCWQA

JAN 27, 2016

Stanne, S. Hudson Estuary Essentials: An Ecological Overview. The Hudson River in the 19th Century and the Modernization of America: a National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop. Ramapo College, NJ. July 7

JUL 14, 2015

Stanne, S. Environmentalism in the Empire State: The Impacts of the Fight over Storm King Mountain (panel moderator). 36th Conference on New York State History. Niagara University, NY. June 19, 2015

JUN 19, 2015

Meyer, A. 2015. Culvert Prioritization Project. Taghkanic, NY.

MAR 21, 2015

Vedachalam, S.; Joo, T.; Riha, S.J. 2015. Using Geospatial Data to Analyse Trends in Onsite Wastewater Systems Use. Mohawk Watershed Symposium. Schenectady, NY.

MAR 20, 2015

Rahm, B.G. 2014. The Role of Built Environment in Economics and Public Policy (invited panelist). Modernization of New York’s Built Environment Laws: If Not Now, When? Albany, NY.

NOV 12, 2014

Meyer, A. 2014. Prioritizing Culverts and Dams in the Hudson River Estuary Watershed. InterACT Meeting. Albany, NY.

NOV 7, 2014

Rahm, B.G. 2014. Issues and Trends in Wastewater Management in the Hudson River Watershed and NY State. Hudson River Watershed Alliance Annual Watershed Conference. Hyde Park, NY.

OCT 7, 2014

Vedachalam, S.; Aniket, K.; Geddes, R.R.; Riha, S.J. 2014. How Small is Too Small? Scale Economies in Water Utilities. 2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Water Conference. Shepherdstown, WV.

SEP 25, 2014

Rahm, B.G; Riha, S.J. 2014. Gas Extraction Violations in Pennsylvania – What Can Compliance Tell Us About Water Resource Risk. 2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Water Conference. Shepherdstown, WV.

SEP 25, 2014

Rahm B.G. 2014. Infrastructure Challenges in the Mid-Atlantic Region (panelist). 2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Water Conference. Shepherdstown, WV.

SEP 24, 2014

Rahm, B.G.; Vedachalam, S.; Vail, E.E. 2014. Panel on Assessment of Water Resources Infrastructure. Community Development Institute. Ellenville, NY.

SEP 18, 2014

Rahm B.G. 2014. Linking Water Resources Infrastructure and Community Development (panelist). Community Development Institute. Ellenville, NY.

SEP 17, 2014

Vedachalam, S.; Riha, S.J. 2014. State of Play with Water Systems in New York State (invited). Reception hosted by Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy. Cornell University, NY.

MAR 24, 2014

Vedachalam, S.; John, M.E.; Riha, S.J. 2014. Spatial Analysis of Boil Water Advisories Issued During an Extreme Weather Event in the Mohawk-Hudson Watershed. Mohawk Watershed Symposium. Schenectady, NY.

MAR 21, 2014

Blair, B.; Vail, E.E. 2014. Green Infrastructure in Rockland County (With a Focus on Sparkill Watershed). Rockland County Water Quality Committee Meeting. Pomona, NY.

MAR 18, 2014

Rahm, B.G.; Vedachalam, S.; Tonitto, C. Riha, S.J. 2014. Tapping Higher Education for Innovation in Water Infrastructure Assessment and Planning. Hudson River Estuary Management Advisory Council. Staatsburg, NY.

MAR 6, 2014

Haeckel, I.; Meyer, A.; Murphy, E. 2013. Natural Resources and Climate Resiliency in Germantown: Presentation to the Town of Germantown. Germantown, NY.

DEC 7, 2013

Vedachalam, S.; Riha, S.J.; 2013. An Analysis of the State of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Indian Cities. American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Annual Water Resources Conference. Portland, OR.

NOV 7, 2013

Rahm, B.G.; Vedachalam, S.; Woodbury, P.B.; Riha, S.J. 2013.Assessing Wastewater Infrastructure Using a Watershed-Scale Goals Approach. AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference. Portland, OR.

NOV 6, 2013

Vedachalam, S.; Rahm, B.G.; Choi, J.; Riha, S.J. 2013.The Effect of Size on Operational Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Systems. AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference. Portland, OR.

NOV 5, 2013

Rahm, B.G.; Shaw, S.B.; Hill, N.; Perry, C.; Riha, S.J. 2013. In-Stream Nitrogen Dynamics and Engineered Systems: Opportunities at the End of the Pipe. AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference. Portland, OR.

NOV 4, 2013

Meyer, A. 2013. Culvert Sizing Project: Identifying Undersized Culverts in Three Focal Watersheds of the Hudson River Estuary Watershed. Moodna Watershed Intermunicipal Council.

OCT 28, 2013

Also presented at the Rural Roads Workshop organized by Hudson River Estuary Program and Columbia Land Conservancy. October 29

Meyer, A. 2013. Dam and Culvert Barriers: Aquatic Barriers in the Hudson River Estuary Watershed. Trout Unlimited, Mid Hudson Chapter.

OCT 16, 2013

Cuppett, S. 2013. Hudson River Watershed Management and Issues: A Watershed Dinner Story. Westchester Water Works Conference. Chappaqua, NY.

OCT 7, 2013

Meyer, A; Vail, E.E.; Lamb-Lafay, C.; Gasper, D. 2013. Stormwater and Watershed Resiliency. NY Upstate Chapter of the American Planning Association and the American Society for Landscape Architects. Schenectady, NY.

SEP 25, 2013

Vedachalam, S. 2013. Determinants of Contractual Choice in Public-Private Partnerships in India's Water Sector. Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India.

SEP 24, 2013

Vedachalam, S.; DeStefano, K.; Polan, S.; Lewenstein, B.; Riha, S.J. 2013. Media Discourse on Aging Water Infrastructure in the U.S. Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences 2013 Annual Conference. Pittsburgh, PA.

JUN 19, 2013

Meyer, A. Barriers to Aquatic Connectivity in the Hudson River Estuary Watershed. Black Rock Forest Consortium 8th Research Symposium. Cornwall, NY.

JUN 17, 2013

Cuppett, S. 2013. Watershed Protection, Management, and Action in the Hudson Estuary Watershed. Leadership Workshops for Local Water Systems. New Paltz, NY.

JUN 13, 2013

Rahm, B.G. 2013. Wastewater Management & Shale Gas Development: What NY Should Know About Trends in the Marcellus Shale and Elsewhere. NYWEA Spring Technical Conference. Syracuse, NY.

JUN 4, 2013

Galford, A.; Vedachalam, S.; Riha, S.J. 2013. Homeowner Education Workshops on Wastewater Management in Two Lakeshore Communities. New York State Federation of Lake Associations. Hamilton, NY.

MAY 4, 2013

Czajkowski, K. 2013. Phase II Stormwater and the MS4 Program. Presented to the Cities of Troy and Rensselaer, Village of Voorheesville, and Towns of Catskill and Rotterdam

MAY 1, 2013

Czajkowski, K. 2013. Mohawk River Basin Program. University at Albany, Albany, NY.

APR 18, 2013

Czajkowski, K. 2013. Water Quality, Watersheds, and Opportunities for Action. Retirees in Service to the Environment (RISE), in association with the Cornell Cooperative Extension Schenectady.

APR 10, 2013

Rahm, B.G. 2013. Invited panelist at the Farm Foundation Forum: Natural Gas Extraction - Impacts on Rural America, held at the National Press Club, Washington, DC.

APR 3, 2013

Vail, E. 2013. Climate Smart Communities -- Green Infrastructure Case Studies. Presented as part of the NYS Climate Smart Communities webinar series.

MAR 28, 2013

Meyer, A.; Vail, E. 2013. Keeping it Green as it Flows Downstream. Tivoli Bays Talks. Tivoli, NY.

FEB 7, 2013

Meyer, A.; Roessler, B.; Strong, K.; Vail, E. 2012. Natural Resources of Chatham: Presentation made to the Town of Chatham. Chatham, NY.

DEC 6, 2012

Cuppett, S. 2012. Developing Leadership in Water Resources. Rockland Environmental Leadership Day. Ramapo, NY.

OCT 25, 2012

Rahm, B.G.; Bertoia, L.R.; Bates, J.T.; Riha, S.J.; Galford, A.; Yoxtheimer, D.; Pieretti, P. 2012. Shale Gas Development in Pennsylvania: Management and Spatial Trends in Waste Water Management. Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) Annual Conf

JUL 19, 2012

Rahm, B.G.; Vedachalam, S.; Shen, J.X.; McConnell, R.D.; Riha, S.J. 2012. A New Assessment of Wastewater Infrastructure in the Hudson and Mohawk Basins. Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) Annual Conference. Santa Fe, NM.

JUL 18, 2012

Vedachalam, S.; Riha S.J. 2012. Desalination in northeastern U.S.: Lessons from four case studies. Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) Annual Conference. Santa Fe, NM.

JUL 17, 2012

Vedachalam, S.; Rahm, B.G.; Riha, S.J. 2012. A New Assessment of Water Infrastructure: Water Quality, Economics, and Smart Growth at the Watershed Scale. Hudson River Estuary Management and Advisory Committee. Norrie Point, NY.

JUN 6, 2012

Vedachalam, S.; Rahm, B.G.; Riha, S.J. 2012. Using a Regional Assessment of Wastewater Infrastructure: The Case of the Hudson River Watershed (poster). Clean Water Act at 40: Facing the Future. Poughkeepsie, NY.

MAY 7, 2012

Vail, E.; Meyer, A. 2012. Barriers to Green Infrastructure in the Hudson Valley: An Electronic Survey of Implementers (poster). Clean Water Act at 40: Facing the Future. Poughkeepsie, NY.

MAY 7, 2012

Cuppett, S. 2012. What Are Your Watershed Neighbors Up To? 17th Annual Ramapo River Watershed Conference. Mahwah, NJ.

APR 25, 2012

Vail, E. 2012. Using Green Infrastructure to Manage Combined Sewer Overflows and Flooding. Revitalizing Hudson Riverfronts. Kingston, NY and Hudson, NY.

APR 13, 2012

Rahm, B.G. 2012. Shale Gas Development & Water Resources: Technology, Trends, Policy, and Planning. Thirtieth Annual Greater Buffalo Environmental Conference, New York Water Environment Association – Western Chapter. Buffalo, NY.

MAR 15, 2012

Vedachalam, S.; Rahm, B.G.; Riha, S.J. 2012. An Inventory of Water Infrastructure in the Hudson River Valley: Enhancing Environmental Protection and Encouraging Economic Development via Smart Growth. New York Water Environment Association 84th Annual Mee

FEB 5, 2012

Vail, E. 2011. Addressing barriers to green infrastructure in the Hudson River Estuary Watershed. Growing Green Infrastructure in New York. Syracuse, NY.

NOV 17, 2011

Vail, E.; Bowser, C. 2011. Student and Student-Faculty Research Opportunities in the Hudson River Estuary Watershed. Environmental Consortium Annual Meeting: Collaboration Throughout the Hudson River Watershed. Albany, NY.

NOV 12, 2011

Stanne, S.P.; McAvoy, J.V. 2011. Diving Into the Hudson Without Getting Wet: Using Remotely Sensed Data in the Classroom. Teaching the Hudson Valley Annual Summer Teacher Institute. Hyde Park, NY.

JUL 26, 2011

Cuppett, S. 2011. Hudson Valley Water: Opportunities and Challenges. Ulster County Environmental Management Council. SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge, NY

JUN 1, 2011

Vail, E. 2011. Green Infrastructure in the Hudson Valley. New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference: NPS Pollution in a Lean, Green Scene.

MAY 17, 2011

Vail, E. 2011. Regional Freshwater Issues: Stormwater Management and Green Infrastructure. Cary Institute Science and Management Forum: Regional Freshwater Issues.

APR 16, 2011

Rahm, B.G.; Riha, S.J.; Fisher W.L.; Mukai, M.; Richardson, R.E.; Walter, M.T. 2011. Water Resource Impacts of Shale Gas Drilling. Marcellus Shale Multi-State Academic Research Conference. Altoona, PA.

MAR 1, 2011

Cuppett, S. 2011. Forest to Faucet: Meeting the Needs of Rivers and People. Hudson River Watershed Conference. Tuxedo, NY.

FEB 10, 2011