WRI Intern Alumni

Zsofia Szegletes

Email: zms28 [at] cornell.edu (zms28[at]cornell[dot]edu)
Current job: Research Associate I, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Company website: www.broadinstitute.org
Professional interests: I currently work in the R&D team of the Genetic Perturbation Platform at the Broad Institute. A part of this group, I work on the development and optimization of CRISPR technologies that are used to generate massive amounts of genome-related data.

Vandana Swaminathan

Email: 11.vandana [at] gmail.com (11[dot]vandana[at]gmail[dot]com)
Current job: Senior Scientist 1, Place of employment- Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Company website: Vandana's Linkedin Profile
Professional interests: molecular biology & cell biology

Mary John

Email: maryejohn55 [at] gmail.com (maryejohn55[at]gmail[dot]com)
Current job: Head of Arcadis Collaboration & Connections, Arcadis Gen
Company website: www.arcadisgen.com
Professional interests: Management consultant in the civil engineering space, working with municipal governments and utilities on policy, planning, change management and data and information management projects. Currently working in a business relationship management role for a new product and technology company for physical infrastructure asset management.

Fiona Woods

Email: woods.fionam [at] gmail.com
Current job: Building Performance Engineer at Integral Group
Company website: www.integralgroup.com
Professional interests: Working in building energy efficiency and renewable energy

Sohyeon Hwang

Email: sohyeonhwang [at] u.northwestern.edu (sohyeonhwang[at]u[dot]northwestern[dot]edu)
Current job: PhD Student, Northwestern University
Company website: www.sohyeonhwang.com
Interests: I conduct research centered around governance (broadly construed: rules, admins, design) of online spaces on the scale of multi-community + multi-platform analyses. Right now, I'm particularly interested in the complexity of governing large-scale social computing systems, especially platforms following decentralized modes of moderation like Reddit and Wikipedia.

Harman Singh Dhodi

Email: hd353 [at] cornell.edu (hd353[at]cornell[dot]edu)
Current job: Graduate student at Cornell University, Masters in Regional Planning
Company website: Harman's Linkedin Profile
Professional interests: My present research focuses on urban water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure in the cities of Global South, while addressing needs for equitable access, affordability and quality of provision. I am also interested in planning for climate change while building stakeholder capacity towards mitigation and adaptation efforts while controlling for green gentrification.

Tim Joo

Email: hj244 [at] cornell.edu (hj244[at]cornell[dot]edu)
Current job: investment analyst, small RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) firm in Los Angeles, CA
Company website: Tim's Linkedin Profile
Proffesional interests: helping people with investing and personal finance decisions, investment analysis, accounting; joined the local Citizens Climate Lobby earlier this year, would love to be involved more in these issues, having sold out (somewhat) on my current career choice