New Student Information

Congratulations, and Welcome to CALS!

These next few weeks will likely be exciting and stressful, and while Cornell is a big place, CALS makes it easy to connect. The CALS Student Services team is here to help you through the process, both now and once you arrive on campus. From this point forward, here’s how you get and stay in the know with CALS.


In the next few weeks after you are officially a student at CALS, you will receive an email from us with details about the orientation process. After those initial messages, your information stream is Chatter – an online community that provides critical information about course enrollment, your major, and connecting with your advisor. It will also be a great way to meet other CALS students! You will be required to log in to Chatter, but that is an easy step, and the instructions will be included in the email.

The university orientation schedule provides a complete overview of all the programs including CALS specific events for students throughout orientation week. Be sure to check Chatter frequently as you don’t want to miss any important orientation information.

Please watch for more information that will be sent to you directly through email and then Chatter. We intend to support you through the entire process.


Chatter is our online community at Cornell CALS. There will be many questions that come up, and we’ll use Chatter to answer questions geared towards the entire community. That’s our go to place in posting FAQ’s, pre-health questions/tips, and course enrollment questions. The great thing about Chatter is that you’ll get reliable information not only from CALS Student Services, but from current students at the time you have the question! Incredible, right?

You may be wondering, what will your first semester be like? What courses should you enroll in? What meal plan to choose? Should you join a gym? Should you bring a fan? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ll let you know what you need to know, when you need to know it. Not everything all at once because that’s information overload. We want you to enjoy your current surroundings, friends and family, as you close this chapter of your life, and you open a new chapter starting your adventures in CALS.

New Course Enrollment

With over 4,000 Cornell classes to choose from there are plenty of ways to build your journey. We can help you make it happen.