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Deciding to go to graduate or professional school in the health professions can be an exciting and challenging decision. There are many factors to consider before applying. Use online resources and have conversations with a career professional, advisor, faculty member as well as alumni to help you gain the information and insights you need.

Cornell Guide and Resources for Medical and Dental School

Cornell provides resources to assist you along the way to prepare for and apply to medical or dental school:

  • Guide for First- and Second-Year Pre-Medical Students - this guide is for both medical and dental information and will answer questions, provide timing of what to do when, and also provide a list of courses required to apply to medical and dental schools.
  • Preparing for Health Careers - this site will help answer questions about pre-health summer opportunities, bridge/gap year information, and other resources that can help you along your pre-health path.
  • Pre-Health Academic Preparation - a listing of what courses to consider and are required for medical and dental school.

Cornell Resources for Veterinary School

If veterinary school is in your plans, then consider these helpful resources:

Pre-Health (medical and veterinary) E-mail List

To help provide information to students in all pre-health fields, Cornell provides an email list for you to join. This service will provide you periodic information about workshops, panel discussions, summer internships and opportunities, bridge/gap year programs and opportunities, HCEC announcements, and more. To join this email list, log into Handshake; once logged, look for and click on you name/initials in the upper right corner and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Career Interests". On the next screen, scroll down and look for "Which career notifications would you like to receive from Cornell Career Services?" Click and check the boxes that may apply, specifically "Health Careers" then click the green "Save my career interests" button in the lower right corner.

Cornell Health Careers Evaluation Committee (HCEC)

HCEC serves Cornellians who apply to health professional schools and who request a university letter of evaluation. To participate, undergrads are required to complete the HCA-App Canvas Course which provides information about required fall-semester workshops that are necessary prior to the HCEC process.


An online credentials service to manage important documents such as letters of recommendation.

Cornell Sponsored Workshops

In Handshake, search for workshops and events available across the university on a variety of career related topics.

For additional career resources go to