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By Jackie Swift
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Alireza Abbaspourrad and his diverse lab team take a far-ranging, multidisciplinary approach to food science questions.

Ensuring food products meet with consumer expectations isn’t easy. Take vitamin C–infused gummies: keeping the vitamin C stable is so tricky that gummy manufacturers regularly add up to 200 percent more vitamin C to the product than they list on the label to ensure that the gummies still have the minimum amount up to their expiration date.

However, thanks to Alireza Abbaspourrad, Food Science, and his team, manufacturers of vitamin gummies now have the option of incorporating a new encapsulation process into their manufacturing that ensures vitamin C stability and does away with the need to overcompensate.

Read the full article published by Cornell Research.

Header image: Alireza Abbaspourrad, the Yongkeun Joh Assistant Professor of Food Chemistry and Ingredient Technology, works in his food science laboratory. Photo: Sasha Israel.

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