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Marius Weigert is the Director of Innovation and Engagement in the CALS Research and Innovation Office (RIO). With over 15 years of experience in the business world, Marius aims to leverage his experience to support stakeholders in the CALS community who are engaging with impactful and innovative research.
Marius Wiegert portrait
Marius Weigert
Director of Innovation and Engagement in the CALS Research and Innovation Office

What is your role within RIO and what impact do you hope to have in our community?

Within RIO, I play a key role in supporting stakeholders in the CALS community with innovation, engagement and various business-related matters. I actively facilitate faculty collaborations with partners, foster relationships for sponsored research and other opportunities and assist students in securing internships and future job placements. I aspire to empower CALS community members in their research, science and learning pursuits by providing essential business expertise and execution capabilities, enabling effective collaboration with strategic partners. In my vision, successful business relationships transform all participants into beneficiaries, creating a mutually advantageous environment for everyone involved.

How will you engage with the CALS research community?

In the realm of my work with CALS, engagement occurs at various points throughout the research and innovation lifecycle, emerging when the demand for business insight and support arises. This engagement might initiate with the cultivation of new business relationships or the enhancement of existing ones, extend to contract negotiations or involve general business input as needed. The nature of engagement varies based on project objectives, the stage of the research process and other pertinent factors. I've found that the cornerstone of successful engagement lies in a collective understanding of the needs and goals of the research, fostering a collaborative approach that we define and execute together.

What does research and innovation mean to you?

Research and innovation share a profound interconnection, as research lays the groundwork for innovation, except in cases of accidental discoveries where genuine intent may be minimal. In essence, research serves as an integral component of the idea development process crucial for innovation. While research follows a highly structured approach, innovation often demands a blend of context, environment, leadership, collaboration and sometimes, a bit of luck.

What most excites you about supporting the college’s research endeavors?

The diversity of the CALS community and its research infuses excitement into my work at Cornell. Each day unfolds uniquely, presenting opportunities to engage with exceptional individuals and explore novel research, enabling me to contribute to captivating projects, acquire new skills and understand their broader societal impact. Moreover, my position facilitates interactions with individuals at various stages of their educational and professional journeys, spanning from students to seasoned professors and respective experts in their fields.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love spending time with my family outdoors, whether it’s skiing in the winter or going on bike rides or walks or playing tennis during other seasons. I am also an automobile enthusiast and enjoy any opportunity I get to work on cars!


Academic background:

  • Executive MBA from ESCP Europe
  • B.S. in International Business from George Washington University

Professional background:

  • Spans over the last 15+ years
  • Began in finance, marketing and navigating the landscape of strategic consulting for both external and in-house clients
  • Expertise lies in developing business partnerships, fostering organizational growth, optimizing procurement processes and driving innovation
  • Has maintained a keen interest in the life sciences and has found great fulfillment in merging his personal and professional passions at Cornell

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