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Two professors in the Department of Global Development are among the most highly cited researchers in the world.

Mario Herrero and Johannes Lehmann each made the list of most influential scientists by Clarivate and the Web of Science. The annual ranking identifies scientists who have demonstrated significant and broad influence, reflected in the publication of multiple papers frequently cited by their peers during the last decade.

Herrero, who joined Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences from CSIRO in July 2021, was recognized for his work in the Environment and Ecology category. A professor of sustainable food systems and global change in the Department of Global Development, a Cornell Atkinson Scholar, and a Nancy and Peter Meinig Family Investigator in the Life Sciences, Herrero’s research focuses on increasing the sustainability of food systems for the benefit of humans and ecosystems. His contributions to the research community include innovative publications spanning sustainable food systems, climate change mitigation and adaptation, food systems futures, livestock, food security, healthy diets and environmental impacts.

Herrero’s most cited publication, “Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems” published in 2019, explores opportunities to integrate food systems into policy frameworks to improve human health and environmental sustainability by establishing clear and scientific targets to guide food system transformation. Other top papers include studies published in Science, Nature and Proceedings on the National Academy of Sciences on topics related to sustainable intensification of agriculture, food system transformation within environmental limits, and natural climate solutions.

Lehmann, a faculty member in Global Development and the School of Integrative Plant Science Soil and Crop Sciences Section, was recognized in two categories:  Agricultural Sciences and Environment and Ecology. He is one only 248 scientists worldwide named in two categories.

Lehmann specializes in soil organic matter and nutrient studies of managed and natural ecosystems. He is a global leader in soil carbon sequestration, nutrient recycling from wastes, biochar systems, circular economy and sustainable agriculture in the tropics, where he focuses on Africa.

His most cited papers in the last decade include the study “Persistence of soil organic matter as an ecosystem property.” He also has top papers related to biochar, including “Biochar effects on soil biota” and “Bio-char sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems.”


Highly Cited Researchers 2021

Mario Herrero

Research focus: increasing the sustainability of food systems for the benefit of humans and ecosystems.

Highly Cited Researchers 2021

Johannes Lehmann

Research focus: to advance our general understanding of biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrient elements in soil, providing important insight into regional and global element cycles such as the carbon or sulfur cycle. 

Mario Herrero
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