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During the 2021 season, Annika Rowland, a graduate student in Matthew Ryan’s Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab at Cornell University, conducted preliminary research on the use and efficacy of an inter-row mower in organic soybeans at the Musgrave Research Farm, Aurora, N.Y. Preliminary results indicate this new tool can effectively reduce weeds without the potential environmental drawbacks sometimes seen with other weed control practices, such as tillage and herbicides.
We thank the Hudson Valley Farm Hub and acknowledge funding from the New York Soil Health Initiative and the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture.
No product endorsement is implied as a result of this research.

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Lauren Anderson started working with the Nutrient Management Spear Program (NMSP) in Fall 2023 through the TST BOCES New Visions program . Anderson is now continuing with NMSP as a summer intern, working on a soil health project. Read on to...
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Cornell researchers have tested an ecological tool in the fight to control weeds in silage soybean and corn fields: adding carbon to soil in the form of sawdust and rye hay.

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