EIQ Pesticide Values

List of Pesticides

The EIQ Pesticide Table [xlxs] lists the 500+ pesticides, fungicides, insecticides/miticides, and herbicides used in the EIQ calculator by chemical class.

When searching, if the active ingredient you are looking for cannot be found, try searching by the Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CAS RN#), or synonyms.

Pesticide Values

The values of individual effects of each pesticide (applicator, picker, consumer, groundwater, aquatic, bird, bee, beneficials), the major components of the equation (farm worker, consumer, and ecological) and the average EIQ values are presented in the tables. The tables also include the factors in the evaluation process that contained missing data.

Less confidence should be placed on the EIQ values of pesticides that have many data gaps and more confidence placed on EIQ values with few or no data gaps. Using the tables, comparisons of environmental toxicity of a given weight (pounds, grams, etc.) of the individual active ingredients can be made within a class of compounds. Field comparisons should not be made with these data. Other considerations, such as the percent of active ingredient in a formulated product and the dose required to provide control, need to be assessed before the desirable or least toxic pesticide choice can be made in the field.