"The Borderlands studio began with the radical proposal that the aqueous border between Canada and the United States be designated as a new Thousand Island Binational Park, asking students to grapple with redefining conservation in an era of shifting climates."

The design for Adelaide Island proposes subtle interventions in the sedimentation processes and vegetation management to provide much needed habitat for migrating species.

Mark Hirschbeck BSLA '17


LA 4010 Urban Design Studio

Anne Weber, Brian Davis, Faculty Advisors


Fall 2016

Adelaide Island, Thousand Islands Bi-National Park

The 13-acre island is off the Grenadier Island adjacent to the U.S. and Canadian border. The design splits the island into different zones consisting of operations of Syndication and Contravention.

Keystone Species and Behaviors

Identifying key agent traits and characteristics of species in order to simulate their inhabitance.

Site Conditions

Various site condition patterns denote projections of different tree species and their inhabitance.

Boardwalk Composite Detail

Hydraulically driven helical piers driven to Laurentian granite bedrock at up to 20' depth: 10' on center.