Situated along Six Mile Creek in the downtown Ithaca area, FOR NE(S)TIZENS aims to address the site’s intolerance through the indigenous paradigm for the Teegastoweas’ ne(s)tizens, including the land, humans, and the nonhumans, rather than only for the local citizens.

This project is a community-based sensorial playground that nests humans and non-humans, connects with nature's seasonality, and recollects the site's erased past. It is built and stewarded by people from the surrounding neighborhoods by using the existing invasive and native plants on-site to fabricate new functional installations through indigenous crafts. These processes of building and stewardship can reconnect people with others and seasonality, and the built products embrace and await the seasonal changes of plants, variations of water, and migrations of animals.

Cheryl Wang, BSLA ’23


LA 2020 Medium of the Landscape II

Duarte Santo, Faculty Advisor


Spring 2021