Sandtown-Winchester and Harlem Park in West Baltimore have been plagued with many issues in their physical environment due to systemic racism. While these communities have fallen by the wayside, the ethics of design practice have come into question for disadvantaged communities.

This thesis establishes a design approach for Harlem Park and Sandtown-Winchester. One will understand the impacts and evolution of systemic racism in Baltimore. This thesis will show potential design interventions, their origins, and how they function. This work serves to shed light on the disparity between black communities and white communities, which in part falls on the designer. One will see the origins of inequity in Baltimore and how to help mitigate inequity in SWHP. This work aims to establish a different method of thinking for disadvantaged communities and establish the designer’s role in these communities.

Juwan McIntyre, MLA ’21


LA 8900 Master’s Thesis

Valerie Aymer, Zaneta Hong, Faculty Advisors


Spring 2021