Using sea level rise as the primary design driver and Jane Bennett’s theory of vibrant matter, this design explores how a material can transcend itself to provide both ecologic activity and amusement.

By excavating the material that makes up the urban fabric as it gets submerged and relocating to create areas of higher ground – made up of everything from subgrade to concrete to car parts – this design recreates a magical version of the barrier island and breakwater that Coney Island once was.

Danielle Remmer, MLA ’19


LA 6010 Integrating Theory and Practice I

Jennifer Birkeland, Faculty Advisor


Fall 2018

Prototypical Strip

Through a criterion of existing and projected conditions of Coney Island, a prototypical strip was determined to test the formation of the rebuilt barrier island and breakwater using excavated materials.

Asphalt Dunescape

This section cut demonstrates the formation of the asphalt dunescape utilizing layers of various materials collected in the urban fabric of Coney Island and the broader Brooklyn neighborhood.