The driver would experience the changes in topography as a more interactive experience as opposed to the traditional, passive experience of passing by large hillsides at night.

Light as a Contour from Here to There analyzed the potential of using the surrounding landscape as a means for wayfinding, tying the contour’s vertical scale to a highly visible object associated with travel - roadside lighting.

Sarah Boutata, MLA ’19; Ethan Garner, MLA ’19


LA 7020 Advanced Design Studio

Martin Hogue, Faculty Advisor


Spring 2019

Lights as a Contour

Typical lighting elements and luminaries are mounted at either High Mast heights or Typical/Conventional heights and are only required when lane delineation and/or guidance are significant.

Butte, Montana I-95 Cut

Using the site of Butte Montana, this portion of I-95 was selected for its vast range of elevational change across the 20-mile section.

Light as an Experience

The change towards lighting pole heights across the I-95 display a unique luminescent experience for drivers.