Hex Deck draws from Guallart Architects + Máría Díaz’s Microcoasts.

The precedent project, which establishes a strict logic for a series of polyhedron decking modules, inspired a similar scripted approach to a typological skate piece constructed from a set of finely detailed cuts and assemblies. The Hex Deck adopts a tactical urbanism approach to creating a multi-functional installation – detailing that skatable landscapes make for dynamic, livable landscapes.

Jacob Geitner, BSLA ’22


LA 6180 Site Assembly

Zaneta Hong, Faculty Advisor


Spring 2021

Original physical model explorations, combining different decking types in a two-dimensional plan representation.

Detailed drawing showing the 13 different cut types to be applied to a standard 2" x 4" piece of lumber - ranging from a straight cut to miter cuts, and miter-taper combinations.

Detailed plan view of the final design, combining four basic skate typologies into two design moves: quarter-pipe and ramp; rail and stair.

Rendered axonometric view of a digital 3D model of the Hex Deck, including detail line-work for the deck's structural supports.