Generative Geometry proposes a planting and management strategy for a floodplain forest situated upon a series of buyout parcels in Owego, New York.

With the use of various geometric forms to generate a phased reforestation and harvesting scheme, this design strategy prioritizes carbon sequestration + storage, stormwater mitigation + management, and pollinator participation prompted by the establishment of an ecological mosaic.

Yves Brocker, MLA ’22, Monica Rourke, MLA ’22


LA 6020 Integrating Theory and Practice II

Jamie Vanucchi, Faculty Advisor


Spring 2021

Growth Cycle and Harvest

This video illustrates the growth cycle and harvest phasing plan for two sample buyout plots which are reforested according to the geometric planting scheme. The colors and height intervals correspond to designated within the optimized planting palette.

Plots Section

These sample plots are visualized in section and show the mature growth heights for the various tree species as specified in the reforestation palette.

Perspective Visualization

This visualization anticipates a new experiential typology for future generations experiencing this floodplain forest.

Tree Selection Portrait

These charts exhibit annual and lifetime carbon sequestration metrics for the various tree species which were selected according to suitable criteria of climate benefits within a speculative floodplain forest.