"Are some trees shading others from growing? Has a fallen tree opened up the canopy and allowed younger species to proliferate? Do you see evidence of certain species suckering and spreading? Is there evidence of soil erosion, water seepage or standing, or other elements that might shape what species can survive in each context?"

Inspired by the vegetation studies of Roland Gustavsson, students teams conducted a transect study of the forested areas adjacent to Beebe Lake on Cornell's campus and created an 8'-10' long drawing that compiles their findings.

Ishan Ethridge, BSLA ’24; Josh Rosenheim, BSLA ’24; Emma Uzgiris, BSLA ’24; Fath'Ma Shabani, BSLA ’24


LA 1420 Grounding in Landscape Architecture II

Anne Weber, Faculty Advisor


Spring 2021

Tree Sketches

By Josh Rosenheim, BSLA ‘24

Tree Sketches

By Ishan Ethridge, BSLA ’24