In this project, we will explore the vertical dimension of landscape and broaden our range of graphic techniques of representation, with a goal of exploring the ‘softer’ features (light, atmosphere, texture, etc.) in a natural, yet disturbed landscape.
Project Brief

Can a drawing convey this kind of softness and technical precision at the same time?

The critical organizing feature around which our exploration is a 6” dia. white PVC pipe, 1,800’ in length, that runs up the steep slope of the drumlin from Fall Creek to irrigate portions of the Robert Trent Jones-designed golf course to the North. Though seemingly out of place in this beautiful natural setting, the pipe reminds us of the highly managed character of the surrounding landscape. Working in teams of 2, students are asked to identify and investigate a 100’ long area in the vicinity of the PVC pipe: Students are advised that this zone should either run 100’ along the pipe or be measured perpendicularly(and equally) to either side the pipe. Their survey this afternoon employed all the field methods practiced last week (measurements, photos, material collection).

Sophie Bellemare, MLA ’22; Lydia Camel, MLA ’22; Andrew Curtis, MLA ’22; Shanni Jin, MLA ’22


LA 5010 Composition and Theory I

Martin Hogue, Faculty Advisor


Fall 2019

Fall Creek: 4th Hole: Hazard Line

By Sophie Bellemare MLA '22

Acid Terrain

By Lydia Camel MLA '22

Fall Creek Hybrid Transect

By Andrew Curtis MLA '22

Bathing in the Forest

By Shanni Jin MLA '22