"As one of the most pristine natural areas located across the center of Ithaca, Six Mile Creek contains fantastic natural elements that I decided to center my design on."

The Edge focuses on a renovation design for one of the segments along the Six Mile Creek in Ithaca, New York. The design promotes local transportation for both human and animals and implemented three additional natural programs: fishing, picnicking, and bird watching, which provide a new opportunity for locals to rediscover the beauty of the gorge and wildlife.

Jichu Zhang, BSLA '24


LA 1420 Grounding in Landscape Architecture II

Anne Weber, Faculty Advisor


Spring 2021

Six Mile Creek Circulation and Programming

This concept design sketch highlights proposal for paths to improve public connectivity, creekside walkways, and forested trails.

Illustrative Site Plan 

Site plan illustrating proposed new paths and planting strategy.


Section cuts across the design proposal.

Physical Topographic Model