D.R.A.W. stands for ‘Designing Resilience, Art and Wellness’ and encompasses the guiding principles of the proposed rail trail in MidTown Cleveland.

The trail runs north to south and is adjacent to an active freight rail line that physically divides the community and impairs connectivity and walkability. The design and location of the trail were inspired by various community meetings, where locals shared their ideas and visions for MidTown’s future. The trail repurposes underutilized lots and catalyzes existing infrastructure to create opportunities for cultural programming, public art displays, and outdoor recreation. It weaves together existing open spaces, builds new parks, and implements a tree planting program to create green spaces for a community that is currently underserved by existing parks. The trail helps transform the Penn Rail corridor from a divisive barrier into an active agent for healthy living, placemaking, community building, and cultural celebration. Use of and engagement with the trail are promoted by an interactive smartphone app, which allows users to generate walking routes and locate destinations along the trail.

Kevin Kim, MLA/MRP ’21; Nicole Nomura, MLA/MRP ’22; Jeanette Petti, MLA/MRP ’21


LA 6020 Integrating Theory and Practice II

Mitch Glass, Faculty Advisor


Spring 2020


Addison G. Crowley Prize

Cornell AAP

Spatial Analysis

The Penn Rail Corridor segments across MidTown Cleveland, which comprises of several neighborhoods representing diverse groups and diasporas.

DRAW Trail Master Plan

The master plan for the trail consists of several guiding principles to connect the neighborhoods along the Penn Rail Corridor, transforming several post-industrial parcels into active and passive open and green spaces.

Trail Concept + Phasing

Guided by different land-use conditions throughout MidTown, the trail consists of several typologies, appropriately adapting to major arterials, community anchors, and programming. Phasing for the trail emphasizes city and state-wide funding opportunities to execute the trail towards the full master plan circulation.

Trail Typology: Anchor Park

At the southern and northern ends of the trail, anchor parks provide an expansive green space amenity in predominately industrial areas of MidTown.

DRAW APP Concept

This app prototype compiles all the amenities of the MidTown community and enables users to "draw out" their trips along the trail based on their interests and routines.