The famous site of the Miller House is located on the boundary of the residential area and also meets nature. The design follows the original site's geometry. It creates an Incomplete symmetrical entrance space, providing a gathering and information collecting function for visitors, enriching the cultural entertainment for visitors.

From the site analysis diagram, the transportation system is relatively perfect. So Its hidden clientele, including nearby residents and distance visitors. The new design retains the east's original entrance. To ensure people's safety and prevent traffic jams, I separated the sideway and driveway. As you can see, the way of the third step forms a right Angle to Washington Road. The design adds the entrance building to create the integrated facilities of buying tickets, eating, and resting. The hedge space on the Great Lawn and the campground space to the north becomes a counterpart activity, adding a playtime to the morning and evening at Miller Gardens.

Qi Wu, MLA ’23


LA 5010 Composition and Theory I

Martin Hogue, Faculty Advisor


Fall 2020