Do you have an insect problem - or an insect you're interested in – and want to know what it is or more about it?

The IDL can provide an insect ID for $25

At Cornell’s Department of Entomology the Insect Diagnostic Lab can help identify insects and related arthropods, and provide management suggestions if needed. There is a $25 fee, for samples or photos submitted to the lab for an ID; these funds allow the Lab to remain open.


Any questions can be directed to our email address (idlDiagnosticLab [at] 

Other Topics of Interest

Biocontrol Bytes

For a blog from an Integrated Pest Management specialist, designed to inform New Yorkers who are trying to control pests – on farms, in backyards, in businesses, or in homes – about the role that biological control plays (or could play) in successful integrated pest management 

Spotted Wing Drosophila

An invasive fly species has been causing fruit damage in the Northeast. Raspberries, blackberries, late-maturing blueberries, day-neutral strawberries, elderberries, cherries, and peaches are among the vulnerable crops. Because this species resembles other fruit flies, we recommend that you make sure the ID is verified before doing any major control measures.  For the latest information see:

Common IDs each year 

Are you curious about what kinds of things are sent in for identification? The file below lists the most frequently-submitted IDs for indoor samples each year. The second page lists examples of garden, yard, and house plants people have sent samples from.  In 2019 the most common indoor categories were No biting pest (Miscellaneous debris), and Carpet beetles.

30 Minute Video

Trends over time in Insect Diagnostics 

Have you ever wondered how insects are identified, and how it has changed over time?

many white insects on the ground

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