Active Purchasers of New York Grain for Malting

Updated 11/16/2022

Convergence Craft

Thomas and David Salisbury, Albany, NY
Phone: 518-265-5935
Email: d.salisbury [at]

Country Malt Group

Patrick Sylvester, Champlain, NY
Phone: 360-947-4525
Email: PSylvester [at]

Jeff Hughes
Phone: 518-414-0285
Email: jhughes [at]

Hudson Valley Malt

Dennis and Jeanette Nesel, Germantown, NY
Phone: 845-489-3450
Email: info [at] | Website:

Murmuration Malt

Emily Hill & Judd Hallett, East Bloomfield, NY
Phone: 585-329-3844
Email: murmurationmalts [at] | Website:

Niagara Malt

Bob Johnson & Brenda Young, Cambria, NY
Phone: 716-861-9887
Email: niagaramalt [at]

New York Craft Malt

Ted Hawley, Batavia, NY
Phone: 585-813-5389
Email: ted [at]

Stoutridge Distillery

Stephen Osborn, Marlboro, NY
Phone: 845-236-7620
Email: steve [at]

Subversive Malt

Max Ocean, Livingston, NY
Phone: 518-322-3512
Email: mhenry [at] | Website:

Yellow Dog Malt LLC

Randy DioGuardi, Bowmansville, NY
Phone: 682-234-0395
Email: rdioguardi [at] | Website:

Valley Malt

Andrea and Christian Stanley, Hadley, MA
Phone: 617-519-6950
Email: andrea [at] | Website: