Table: Fertilizers for Corn

Fertilizers for corn 1,2,3
  Fertilizer Nutrients to be Added (lb./A)4
  Type of Plowed SodSoil test phosphorous levels8Soil test potassium levels8
  GrassLess than 50% LegumeGreater than 50% Legume  
Soil GroupYears Following SodNo ManureManureNo ManureManureNo ManureManureVL9L9M9H9VH9VL9L9M9H9VH9
Soil group I–Clayey soils, fine-textured soils in northern New York, near lakes and along the Hudson River. Examples: Vergennes, Kingsbury, Hudson, Rhinebeck, Schoharie, Odessa.110-3010-3010-3010-3010-3010-30706040200504030200
4 or more80-12020-6080-12020-6080-12020-60
Soil group II–Silty soils, medium- to moderately fine-textured soils of the central region. Examples: Cazenovia, Hilton, Honeoye, Lima, Ontario, Lansing, Mohawk, Chagrin, Teel.110-3010-3010-3010-3010-3010-30706040200606040200
4 or more90-13030-7090-13030-7090-13030-70
Soil group III–Silt loam soils, moderately coarse-textured acid soils of the Southern Tier, glacial outwash. Examples: Barbour, Chenango, Palmyra, Tioga, Mardin, Langford, Tunkhannock.110-3010-3010-3010-3010-3010-30706040200807050250
4 or more90-13030-7090-13030-7090-13030-70
Soil group IV–Loamy soils, coarse- to medium-textured soils of northern NY and the Hudson Valley. Examples: Bombay, Broadalbin, Copake, Empeyville, Madrid, Sodus, Worth.110-3010-3010-3010-3010-3010-307060402001208050250
4 or more90-13030-7090-13030-7090-13030-70
Soil group V–Sandy soils, very coarse-textured soils on beach ridges, deltas, and sandy or gravelly outwash near mountains and the Hudson Valley. Examples: Alton, Colton, Windsor, Colonie, Elmwood, Junius, Suncook.110-3010-3010-3010-3010-3010-307060402001209060300
4 or more70-12020-6070-12010-6070-12010-60
1 A more specific guideline will be obtained from a complete Cornell Morgan soil test analysis.
2 For sorghum, sudan-sorghum hybrids, and millets, use 2/3 to 3/4 of the nitrogen rate in the table. Nitrogen may be applied preplant or as a postemergence application if planted after June 1.
3The nitrogen guidelines are based on a broad range of soils. A more accurate guideline for a specific soil, see Nitrogen Guidelines for Field Crops in New York nutrientguide.html.
4To avoid salt damage, do not use more than 80–100 lb./A of N + K2O in the fertilizer band at planting.
5 For nitrogen guidelines greater than 50 lb./A, apply a lower rate in the starter fertilizer (such as 10–30 lb. in the band at planting), and sidedress the remaining nitrogen when the corn is 6–15 in. high.
6Use the lower nitrogen rate for soils with a low yield potential. The optimum economic N rate for corn after soybean can be lowered by 20-30 lbs N/acre. This adjustment should be applied only for the first year of corn following soybean
7For a more accurate estimate of the nitrogen contribution from manure (required for New York State CAFO permits), see Nitrogen Guidelines for Field Crops in New York
8 See Table 2.10.1 for the soil test values within each level.
9VL = very low; L = low; M = medium; H = high; VH = very high