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CALS OIT, Facilities and Office of Academic Programs analyzed usage of the three studios and, with feedback from SIPS and Food Science about needing some of the space that was allocated last year for the mini-studios, it was decided that usage indicated demand could be met by one mini-studio.

Due to renovations in Emerson Hall, for the remainder of June and into July 2021, the only Mini-studio available will be Stocking 115. After the renovations in Emerson are complete, Emerson 251 will be the only mini-studio.

As instructors of CALS classes prepare their course materials for remote instruction, instructors may need to record their lectures in advance. Some instructors may not have an ideal location, equipment, or network conducive to create quality recordings of course content. CALS has equipped a room (Emerson 251) to be used as a mini-studio for online instruction.  This mini-studio provides a reservable location where instructors can present or record electronic course content.  

We recommend everyone test the room and request AV support via the below link for the first "test drive" session.  A test drive will allow users to confirm where the room is located, that card swipe / punch code access works, and users are oriented to the equipment and satisfied with the recording quality before scheduling a session to record course content.

So we may improve the experience for everyone, after using a room please provide feedback regarding the experience by taking the survey in the LibCal follow-up email.


The mini-studio can be used for recording content for later asynchronous online viewing by students or for live instruction and include the following technologies:

  • Record content to the Cloud using Zoom

  • Use Canvas to access and record content through Zoom or Panopto



The mini-studio is equipped with the following resources:

  • Windows PC with Zoom, Panapto and Canvas enabled.
  • Touch-enabled 24” monitor.
  • High quality microphone and connections for personal clip-on mic.
  • Cameras for seated or standing presentation.
  • Large display for standing presentations.
  • Professional lighting.
  • Acoustic panels (to enhance sound quality).
  • CALS branded backdrop.
  • Personal laptop connections via USB-C or HDMI cables.
  • Ethernet connections for laptops.

Open Hours

  • The rooms are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Access available via card swipe into the building and card swipe or code access to each room prior to arrival. See "Access" below for details.
  • Once oriented to the room and equipment, please plan to reserve the room for only the time needed to record content or conduct classes. This will allow as many CALS instructors access to these resources as possible.

Support Hours

Booking Policies

  • Reservations may be made at any time prior to use.
  • For your first reservation, if you are not on the below list of pre-loaded instructors you will need a full business day to request and be added to the building / room card swipe access system. To be added to the access list, email your Cornell Employee ID # and which building to Steven Hatfield <sh242 [at]> tell him this is in regards to the CALS Mini-studios.
  • For AV training or support during an initial testing session please submit a request here:
  • Mini-studios can be reserved in 30-minute increments up to three contiguous (3) hours. 
  • Reservations are first-come, first-served. 
  • Mini-studio reservations can be made here:

Access and Directions

  • We have pre-loaded all CALS instructors into the Emerson and Stocking building access and Stocking 115 swipe card readers.  TA's are allowed to use these rooms but were not pre-loaded so will need to coordinate access with Steve (instructions below). 
  • Review the list of instructors who have been added to access. 
  • Building access problems or issues with entry into either building or Stocking 115, please contact Steve Hatfield (sh242) and please be advised that it might take up to one (1) business day to resolve. 
  • Punch codes for Emerson 251 and 255 will also be included in the reservation confirmation email.

Emerson 251

The Emerson Hall 251 mini-studio is accessible by curb cuts, sidewalks and ramps from Mann Drive, on the north side of Fernow Hall and toward the “back” of Mann Library. Enter the Emerson Hall stairway from the east side or enter the Emerson Hall ramp from the west side courtyard surrounded by Mann Library, Plant Science and Emerson Hall. At the top of the ramp is the locked card-access controlled door with a power door touch pad to enter the ground floor of Emerson Hall. Take the elevator to the second floor.

Room 251 is down the hall, straight out the elevator, the second door on the right. Room code will be in your confirmation email.

The room is also accessible from the second floor of Bradfield Hall or the third floor of Plant Science. 

Accessible parking can be found on Mann Drive, on the north side of Fernow Hall. 

Stocking 115

The Stocking Hall 115 mini recording studio is accessible by curb cuts, sidewalks and ramps on the south side of the building, between Wing Hall and Stocking Hall. The main door on that side of the building is locked card-access controlled and is equipped with a power door touch pad. Continue straight through the doors to the old entrance to the original Stocking Hall (West) building, on the left. Make an immediate right to 115 Stocking Hall. Accessible parking can be found on Wing Drive, and between the Livestock Pavilion/Wing Hall and Riley-Robb Hall.


  1. Cleaning supplies (70% alcohol and paper towels) will be provided in each room.
  2. Classrooms (including these mini-studios) will be cleaned daily by University Custodial staff
  3. AV and IT equipment (keyboards, mouse, cable connections, etc.) should only be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
    1. Wet the paper towel with 70% isopropyl alcohol and wipe the equipment.
    2. Please do NOT touch or clean camera lenses.
  4. Clean on the way in any equipment you will be touching.
  5. Clean any equipment you touched on the way out.