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Support of Teaching and Learning Committee

Committee Members

  • Jennifer Thaler (‘22)
  • Anthony Hay (‘22)
  • Maria Garcia-Garcia (‘22)
  • Mark Sarvary ('23)
  • Christopher Byrne (‘24)
  • Jonathan Russell-Anelli (‘24)
  • Jeremy Allen ('25)
  • Ian Hewson ('25)

Sahara Byrne, Liaison, OAP

Ilknur Gonut, Liaison, CTE

Sue Merkel, Liason, OAP

Student Members

  • Yara Almeida
  • Carlton (Long Hay) Leung


Eight elected faculty members, ex officio members (from the Office of Academic Programs and the Center for Teaching Excellence) and two undergraduate representatives.

Committee Chair: Elected annually by the committee from its faculty membership

Lengths of Terms

  • Faculty - 4 years
  • Student - 1 year


  1. Maintain liaison with the College Office of Academic Programs and other University teaching support programs; communicate with the faculty on information relevant to the enhancement of teaching.
  2. Recommend methods for promoting teaching competence in faculty and teaching assistants. Develop and review programs to support the enhancement and maintenance of teaching competence in the College.
  3. Recommend policy and methods for constructive uses of teaching evaluations in support of faculty teaching.
  4. Report annually to the faculty.