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CALS Academic Integrity Hearing Board

Committee Members

Members names are kept confidential due to the nature of this committee.

Professor Debbie Cherney - Chair, designated by the CALS Dean


Chair, designated by the Dean, 2-year term. Five members elected at large from CALS faculty, six - ten student members appointed by the Senior Associate Dean and the Assistant Director of Inclusive Academic Advising who serves as the college record keeper and secretary.

Length of Term

  • Chair - two years, renewable
  • Faculty - three years, renewable
  • Students - one year


  1. Faculty members are responsible for both the maintenance of academic integrity throughout the educational process and the instruction of students in the meaning and importance of this concept.  Student in each course should be informed at the beginning of each semester about forms of collaboration that are and are not encouraged or permitted in that course.  Deliberate fraud by a student to advance his or her academic status usually merits a penalty of some severity. These cases are governed by the Code of Academic Integrity.
  2. The Academic Integrity Handbook was prepared to provide faculty and others involved in the instructional program with an explanation of the academic integrity system. Various informational tools prepared for students and faculty are available online at The University Faculty: Academic Integrity.
  3. The Cornell Law School and the College of Veterinary Medicine have honor codes that provide the means to monitor academic integrity within their own units. These schools have therefore been granted exemption from the rules of the University code.
  4. The College of Academic Integrity Hearing Board hears cases referred for severity, for second infraction, and appeals of charges of academic integrity. This Committee meets on an occasional as-needed basis.