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CALS Academic Achievement & Petitions Committee


  • Academic Achievement and Petitions Committee Members: Members names are kept confidential due to the nature of this committee.
  • Structure: Six faculty and two student members; the Associate Director of Advising and Diversity Support; the CALS Registrar serves as an ex-officio member; the Associate Director of Advising and Diversity Support serves as secretary. Vacancies shall be filled by CALS Faculty election. Student vacancies to be appointed by the Director of Academic Programs.
  • Chair: Elected annually by the committee from its membership.
  • Length of Term: Faculty, three years; Students, one year
  • Meeting Schedule: Bi-weekly on Friday mornings during the academic terms (8:30-10:00 am). Monthly during breaks, including summer.


  1. Act on petitions from students asking for exceptions from academic regulations or requirements of the college, or for reconsideration of action previously taken by the committee.
  2. Review, at the end of each semester and at other times as shall seem appropriate to the committee, the progress of all students toward meeting graduation requirements.
  3. For students not making satisfactory progress, take appropriate action, including, but not limited to, issue warnings, place students on probation, grant students leave of absence, advise students to withdraw, or suspend or expel students.
  4. Act on readmission requests from persons suspended or expelled by the committee.
  5. Notify the petitioner and academic advisor of the action taken by the committee.
  6. The committee may not act on petitions dealing with the following graduation requirements:
    • Final cumulative average
    • Minimum number of credits to graduate
    • Minimum number of semesters in residence
    • Minimum number of CALS credits
    • A petition for exemption from the above requirements can be acted upon only by the faculty.


  1. A petition for exemption from a college academic requirement or missed deadline may be filed by any student who has grounds for exemption. A petition is usually prepared with the assistance of the student’s advisor whose signature is required. The committee reviews written petitions to determine if there are extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student that would warrant an exemption or other action.
  2. A student whose petition is denied by the committee may submit an appeal with additional information. If the appeal is denied, the student may appear in person.