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SOP and Technical Writing


This course presents the process of writing and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures for both regulatory compliance and everyday employee usage.

This course will provide attendees with information in the key areas listed below, along with key learning outcomes in each area. Participants will learn:

  1. Systems
    1. Outline regulatory requirements
    2. Determine which processes to document
    3. Evaluate the relationship between process documents
    4. Identify the audience
    5. Explain systems, activities, processes
  2. Tense and Word Choice
    1. Choose verbs to control action
    2. Utilize active voice in documents
    3. Craft documents using the present tense, correct punctuation, and written in the third person with an imperative voice
  3. Writing Effective Documents
    1. Identify the proper sequence of actions
    2. Employ consistency from document to document
    3. Construct an SOP in the appropriate format
    4. Describe language/jargon barriers
    5. Address grammar and language concerns
  4. Hands-on Writing Sessions
    1. Using skills attained, create and/or edit SOP documents
    2. Clarify language and remove redundancies
  5. Review and Revise
    1. Participate in peer review of documents
    2. Refine purpose and scope of SOP
    3. Assess and improve the flow of documents
  6. Compliance
    1. Develop review cycles
    2. Design document retention system
    3. Relate document revisions and their impact on other documents
    4. Schedule timeline to activate documents from the planning stage to implementation


This course will not include a final examination. Participants will evaluate the quality and structure of the course itself.


  • Documentation Systems
    • Determining which processes to document
    • Creating systems
  • Writing Effective Documents
    • Identifying the audience
    • Tense and word choice
    • Sequencing
  • Review and Revision
    • Peer review of documents
    • Refine the purpose and scope of the SOP
    • Access and improve the flow of documents
  • Compliance
    • Develop review cycles
    • Document retention


  • $650-$725 in-state residents
  • $725-$880 out-of-state residents


Lead Instructor

Kim Bukowski
Extension Associate
rdr10 [at] (krb14[at]cornell[dot]edu)
(607) 254-3313


Course Dates

  • Hybrid Course: Online content and live video conference session 
  • Course Dates:
    •  Online modules and live video conference session November 7, 2024

Course Contact

Louise Felker
Program Coordinator
lmf226 [at] (lmf226[at]cornell[dot]edu)