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International Development Studies Minor

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Build on your other studies and prepare yourself to work and lead in an increasingly interconnected and dynamic world. You can design a curriculum of international development courses to complement your major and other interests. The minor combines relevant coursework and international experience to prepare you for employment opportunities worldwide.

Minor in International Development Studies

The minor in International Development Studies offered by International Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) can be pursued by undergraduates majoring in any CALS field other than IARD. This minor is designed to enrich your preparation for leadership and future employment in today’s rapidly evolving world. 

In addition to fulfilling all of the requirements of any chosen major in CALS, students must complete the following requirements for the minor.

  • 15-18 credits (5 courses minimum) with significant international content, as recommended by the students' major advisor or the IP Associate Director (four should be CALS courses).
  • One semester of a suitable International Development seminar. The Cornell International Institute of Food, Agriculture and Development (CIIFAD) seminar, IARD/AEM/CSS/NTRES 6960, is also recommended and should be taken in addition.
  • An approved overseas experience, preferably in a developing country. This can be a student exchange, study abroad program, internship, or faculty-led short course.
  • Foreign language competency is highly recommended, but not required.

A list of some example courses that meet the requirements of the International Development Studies minor.
Requires 15-18 credits or 5 courses minimum with preferably 4 from CALS although some can come from an overseas program where there was transfer of credits back to CALS related to the subject of International Development.


IARD courses

IARD 2020 Perspectives in International and Rural Development Fall 3
IARD 4010
 and 6010
Experience Latin America I: Rural and Urban Realities
Experience Latin America II (Chiapas Edition)
2 + 3
IARD 4020
and 6020
Agriculture in Developing Nations I
Agriculture in Developing Nations II (India)
2 + 3
IARD 4000
ANSC 4000
Feeding the World: The Biological and Quantitative Analyses of Livestock and Crop Systems Fall 4
IARD 4140 Tropical cropping systems Fall 4
IARD 3200
HORT 3200
Experiential Garden-Based Learning in Belize Spring 3

Applied Economics and Management courses

AEM 2000 Contemporary Controversies in Global Economy Fall 3
AEM 2300 International Trade and Finance Spring 3
AEM 4450 Food Policy for Developing Countries Fall 3
Development Sociology courses
DSOC 2050 International Development Spring 3
DSOC 3200 Rethinking Global Development: New Frameworks Spring 3

Nutrition courses

NS 2600 Introduction to Global Health Spring 3
NS 3060 Nutrition Problems of Developing Nations Fall 3
NS 4450 Toward a Sustainable Global Food System: Food Policy for Developing Countries Fall 3
NS4570 Health, Poverty, and Inequality:  A Global Perspective Fall 3
NS 4630 Global Health, Development, and Policy Issues in Tanzania Summer 4

Natural Resources courses

NTRES 3220 Global Ecology and Management Fall 3
NTRES 3330 Ways of Knowing: Indigenous and Local Ecological Knowledge Fall 3

Plant Breeding

PLBR 2010 Plants, Genes, and Global Food Production Fall 3

A list of some seminars that meet the requirements of the International Development Studies minor.
Students are required to take one seminar plus the 6960 CIIFAD seminars at least once.


IARD seminars

IARD 4800 Global Seminar:  Building Sustainable Environments and Secure Food Systems or a Modern World. Spring 3
IARD 4850 Senior Seminar for student with international experience Spring 3

Natural resource seminars

NTRES 4340 International Conservation:  Communities and the Management of the World’s Natural Resources. Fall 4

CIIFAD seminar

Perspectives in International Development Fall or

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