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Anahita Garg

About Anahita

  • Field and focus area of study: Food Science, Product Development
  • Hometown: Delhi, India
  • Fun fact: My favorite ice cream flavor at the Dairy Bar is their limited-edition Cornell Maple Walnut!
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What are your short-term and long-term career goals? 

My short term career goal is to work for a CPG company and assist in the field of food product development and innovation. My long term goal is to be a part of the current food industry’s evolution towards becoming more sustainable and environmentally-conscious.

What were the biggest obstacles you had to overcome in order to participate in the program?  

Personally, the biggest obstacle for me was to move to a completely new country and adapt to a new environment. But the transition was made easy thanks to Cornell’s great atmosphere, the support of my advisor and my friends. 

Why did you choose to pursue the CALS MFS degree?

I chose to pursue the MFS program because of its versatility and the ability to choose my own concentration within Food Science. The MFS program is also a great way to make meaningful connections in the industry and learn about current trends in the food market.

What are the strengths of the CALS MFS degree program? 

Its strengths would definitely be the flexibility to choose courses of one’s liking, the ability to conduct our own capstone project and the fact that it is only a year long!

How has your MFS experience changed you, both personally and professionally? 

The opportunities for growth and personal development are unparalleled. It was a much needed step in my life that allowed me to mature as a person and to understand my own interests and passions. Professionally, it has solidified my love for my subject and made me evermore enthusiastic about pursuing a career in food science. 

What do you enjoy most about Ithaca? 

Ithaca’s natural beauty has the ability to calm me down and uplift my mood, and that I can feel each and every season during the course of the year.

What has been the most memorable or impactful part of being in the MFS program? 

The most memorable part of being in MFS has been gaining lifelong connections in the form of my advisor, my professors, industry experts and cohort members, who have all enriched my knowledge and given me a greater insight into the diversity in our program and in our field.

How has the program helped you pursue what you’re passionate about?

Both the program and Cornell offer several opportunities to students to pursue their passion. There are several organizations, competitions and clubs on campus to participate in during your free time to gain the most of your time here. 

What Cornell / MFS resources have been most helpful? 

The study spaces, libraries and work environments have been great and provide me space to immerse myself into my education and collaborate with my peers on work and projects as well.

Share about your capstone project. What are you focused on?

My capstone project is about upcycling dry acid whey to create a pancake mix formulation that is acceptable to consumers. I am focused on creating a viable product that can be created at the benchtop and eventually commercialized, while being sustainable and using an important dairy waste product.