The Department of Computational Biology consists of faculty members with expertise in computer science, genomics, systems biology, population genetics and modeling.  They apply these skills to a wide range of exciting problems in the life sciences.

The department administers the Computational Biology undergraduate concentration within the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  Additionally, the faculty in the department are members of the Computational Biology graduate field, as well as several other graduate fields offering M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.

Comp Bio in the news

(L-R), Steven Mana’oakamai Johnson, Natalie Cápiro ’00, Hale Ann Tufan, Chuan Liao, Shaila Musharoff, Michael Charles ’16.


CALS hires faculty cohort to address grand DEI challenges
This is the fifth in a series of stories detailing actions CALS students, faculty and staff have taken over the past several years to make our community a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place for everyone. In fall 2021, CALS announced its first-ever faculty cohort initiative focused on hiring a group of scientists whose work explicitly addresses systemic challenges facing marginalized communities through transdisciplinary collaboration. The first search was received with great enthusiasm and 381 people applied for the six positions.
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A red bacteria


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Headshot of Taylor Ferebee


Taylor Ferebee is a doctoral candidate in computational biology from Hampton, Virginia. She attended Roanoke College for her bachelor’s and Clemson University for her master’s and now studies the implementation and redesign of mathematical...
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