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Outstanding Alumni Awardees

The CALS Alumni Association's Outstanding Alumni Award recognizes alumni who demonstrate outstanding and uncommon achievement in their professional field and/or distinguished civic or public service. Recipients are committed and proven leaders who are a positive reflection of CALS and Cornell.

2019 Recipients

Jessica Lattman ’90 and David Rosenberg ’89 MD ’93

Dr. Jessica Lattman was born and raised in New York City by Michelle ’63 MA ’64 and Norman Lattman. She graduated with honors in biology from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in 1990 and received her medical degree from New York University in 1994. She completed her ophthalmology residency training at The Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital in 1998 and then went on to an advanced fellowship in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery.

After her surgical training, Jessica opened her private practice, specializing in oculoplastic surgery in New York City. She is now a leading expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyes. Jessica currently serves on the CALS Advisory Council and is a member of the Cornell University Council.

Dr. David Rosenberg graduated from CALS in 1989 having majored in biology. He then went on to Weill Cornell Medical and earned his degree in 1993. Afterward, David entered a six-year training program in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, based at Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital where, on the first day, he first met Jessica.

During this residency program, David spent a year and a half at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, Jessica and David wed, and they had their first child, Alexandra, CALS ’21. After graduating, David performed an advanced facial plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship which concluded in the year 2000.

At this point, David opened his Manhattan-based private practice. His goal was to provide understated and beautiful facial plastic surgery outcomes with the shortest recovery time possible. This was at a moment in time when the most prolific plastic surgeons in New York created the “tightest facelifts”. David recognized natural facial beauty as soft, authentic and balanced, not severe or tight. His work reflected this aesthetic and it struck a chord with an ever-expanding pool of patients.

After two years of practice, Jessica and David’s second daughter, Samantha (now 17), was born. Then in 2006, their son Zachary (13) arrived and completed their family. Over the years, Jessica and David have shared their love of science, learning and exploring the natural world with their children. As a family, they love to travel, cook, hike the trails of Westchester County and explore the waterways of eastern Long Island.

In 2013, Jessica and David opened a boutique ambulatory surgery center, Manhattan Facial Surgery Suites, where all their operations now occur. They work together in their state-of-the-art, private surgical center. They often operate together, combining their specialties to give their patients the highest level of surgical care.

Both Jessica and David are not only medical professionals, they are artists as well. When they first launched their practice with its customized medical space, there were many uncovered walls. Instead of purchasing art, David set out to paint all the works that now decorate the office. Without a formal art education, but with endless hours spent working with his hands, David created paintings that bridge abstraction and conceptualization. This autumn several of these works are being shown at the Sponder Art Gallery in Boca Raton, Florida.

While David is doing his art, Jessica enjoys being a musician and songwriter. She plays multiple instruments, sings and performs her original songs at venues throughout New York City. She has recorded her music with multiple Broadway singers, at studios in Nashville and with other talented musicians and producers in NYC. Jessica also plays the keyboard and sings in a band that features her original songs.

Mark ’78 and Lisa Sellew ’79 MBA ’82

Mark and Lisa Sellew own Prides Corner Farms, a large, diversified wholesale nursery in Lebanon, CT, with satellite operations in Cromwell, CT and Ledyard, CT. It is the largest agricultural employer in the state of Connecticut, with 550 employees during peak times. Prides Corner  grows more than 2,200 varieties of nursery stock, perennials, roses, trees, herbs and vegetables, and supplies plants to independent garden centers, landscapers and landscape distributors throughout the northeast quadrant of the country, from Maine to Virginia and west through Ohio. In addition, Prides Corner also grows and supplies a pre-vegated green roof system called LiveRoof®, which is designed to grow plants on rooftop environments, and is installed on the rooftop of the newly renovated Warren Hall.

Mark joined his father in the start-up phase of the operation in 1980 and has been running it ever since. Lisa’s first career was in commercial banking and real estate lending in both NYC and Hartford, CT.  She joined Prides Corner on a part-time basis in 1990 and then full time in 2006. 

During the course of his career, Mark has served on the board of directors of the Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association, the New England Nursery Association, the Wholesale Nursery Growers of America and AmericanHort. In addition, Mark served on the CALS Dean’s Advisory Council. He also recently served as a USDA- Farm Service Agency State committee member.

Lisa is currently in her second term as a member of the board of directors of Farm Credit East, which serves the ag credit and financial services needs of producers in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey. In addition, she recently served on the Agriculture Policy Committee for Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s transition team. 

Mark and Lisa have been married for 35 years and raised three sons in Glastonbury, CT. Paul (Bowdoin ’10) works for in Boston, MA. Ben ’13 and Jack ’15, both CALS graduates, are working with their parents at Prides Corner.

Peggy Koenig

Peggy Koenig is chair of Abry Partners, LLC, which is a top-ranked, North American private equity investment firm focused solely on investing in the media, communications, information and business services industries. She was a 2018 fellow in Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Program.

Abry has completed over $80 billion of leveraged transactions and other private equity investments. The firm manages buy-out, growth equity and senior debt funds. Koenig joined ABRY in 1993 as a partner when the firm organized its first $250 million buyout fund. During her tenure as co-CEO, she was responsible for the oversight of the firm’s employees. She initiated a myriad of professional development activities to enhance the firm’s employee base. She also co-chaired the firm’s investment committee and was responsible for raising nearly $7.5 billion of capital. 

Prior to ABRY, Ms. Koenig was a vice president, partner and member of the board of directors of Sillerman Communications Management Corporation, a merchant bank making investments principally in the radio industry.  She participated in the formation and success of SFX Broadcasting, a publicly traded radio industry consolidator.  Earlier in her career, she was involved in motion picture financing (Columbia and TriStar Pictures), investment banking (Thomson McKinnon Securities), and the magazine publishing industry (Savvy and American Photographer magazines). 

Koenig is a member of the Board of Trustees of Cornell University, where she is chair of the Research and Innovation committee and a member of the Executive Committee. She is a member of the Board of Overseers of Cornell’s New York Tech Campus and a member of the Board of Advisors at the Millstein Program in Technology and Humanity. She is a member of the national board of the non-profit Cradles to Crayons and a member of the Massachusetts Women’s Forum. She is a founding member of the World Frontiers’ Forum, member of Citi Private Bank North American Advisory Board and a member of the Advisory Board of the Carr Center for Human Rights at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Recipients Prior to 2019

CALS Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients Prior to 2019
Last First M.I/Maiden Class Year Year Won
Abraham* George "Doc" 1939 1988
Abraham* Katherine "Katy" 1943 1988
Adams* Mort   1933 1980
Allen Norman W. 1946 1987
Ambrosia Lynn Vacca 79, MBA '81 2013
Ashley Stephen B. 1962 1998
Atkinson David   1960 2011
Axinn George H. 1947 1993
Baccile Peter E. 1984 2014
Baker* Robert C. 1943 1991
Bandler Ned W. 1949 2004
Bay Donald M. 1955 1990
Beard, Jr.* Albert J. 1952 1992
Bernays* Edward L. 1912 1985
Bickford* Robert L. MS '50 2002
Bishop III C. Morton   1974 2005
Bitter Carole   1981 1998
Bitz Robert W. 1952 1988
Bleyler Ruth   1962 2009
Boek Walter E. 1946 1994
Bondareff Esther   1937 1986
Bornstein Dale   1985 2013
Borton Raymond E. 1953 2007
Braunstein Scott   1986 2017
Brodie Douglas S. 1955 1992
Brody Jane E. 1962 1983
Byrnes James J. 1963 2005
Call Richard C. 1952 1985
Call, Jr. Robert V. 1950 1985
Calpeter Lynn A. 1986 2010
Carter* Julian M. 1937 1983
Clark J. Thomas   1963 2001
Colby* James A. 1950 1999
Conklin Gordon L. 1949 1988
Cook Solomon   1942 1992
Coombe, Jr. Philip   1958 1996
Coombe, Jr. Richard I. 1964 2003
Creal* Harold L. 1919 1980
Curtis, Jr. Austin W. 1932 1993
Curtiss III Roy   1956 2009
Dallas Glenn T. 1958 2001
Dalrymple Dana G. 54, MS '56 2015
Dalrymple* Daniel M. 1927 1985
Davis Lloyd H. 1942 1982
DeGolyer Willard T. 1969 1999
Dukart Gary   1976 2016
Dyson John S. 1965 1984
Earle* Wendell B. 1948 1989
Eckhardt Lawrence K. 1980 2009
Edick* Glenn E. 1940 1982
Everett Elizabeth Campbell 1997 2015
Everingham* Robert I. 1941 2002
Fenstermacher Gary D. 1961, PhD '70 2008
Fessenden Edwin D. 1954 2010
Flora Cornelia   1966 1994
Francis Cheryl   1976 1995
Frank Frederick R. 1979 2010
Fuerst* Myron M. 1929 1981
Gaffney Catherine B. 1989 2015
Gellert Philip D. 1958 1990
Gellert George G. 1960 2000
Goldman Daniel P. 1987 2013
Gowen Gordon H. 1952 1993
Grainger Brad   1979 2017
Grainger Mary   1979, MPS '87 2017
Greig* Robert G. 1936 1989
Hamilton, Jr.* William J. 1926 1986
Han In Kyu   PhD '65 2003
Herdt Robert W. 1961 2005
Herendeen Nathan R. 1964, MS '69 2004
Hicks Alfred H. 1962, MBA '63 1998
Holliday Susan R. 1977 2003
Hooker Patrick   1984 2013
Houseknecht Karen L. PhD '94 2007
Hurd* T. Norman   1936 1990
Janick Jules   1951 2010
Jeffers Thomas K. 1963 2003
Joh Sun Paik   MS '77 2011
Joh Yongkeun   MS '78 2011
Johnson Raymond E. 1954 1992
Jones* Robert Trent   1982
Keene Richard E. 1957 1996
Kennedy W. Keith   1941 1992
Kent Thomas E. 1971 2000
King* Joseph P. 1936 1977
Kligerman Alan   1952 2012
Kling* Herbert R. 1936 1990
Koenig Peggy   1978 2019
Kornet Mitch   1976, DVM '79 2012
LaBastille Anne   1955 1986
Ladd, Sr.* Robert D. 1943 1999
Lamb Jonathan   1994 2013
Lamont George F. 1957 2006
Lattman Jessica   1990 2019
Lele Uma   MS '63, PhD '65 2008
Levine Gilbert   1949 1989
Levine Johnathan   1976 2012
Lincoln John W. 1960 2007
Lipinski William J. 1979 2000
Lo Winston Y. MS '67 2002
Longhouse* Alfred D. 1937 1991
Longley-Cook* Jane B. 1969 1995
Lounsbury* Albert R. 1955 1986
Luders* Clifford F. 1938 1984
Lynch* Ronald P. 1958 1993
Mackey Catherine (Kitty)   1977, PhD '83 2017
MacMillen Glenn O. 1954 1999
Magee William D. 1981 2015
Malchoff Kevin R. 1974 2004
Malchoff Godfrey   1943 2014
Manelski Joseph A. 1956 2010
Marino Thomas   1978 2011
Marrone Pamela G. 1978 2001
McClintock* Barbara   1923 1983
McGonigal Jane   50, PhD '84 2014
McManus Geraldine F.R. 1978 2008
Meister Richard T. 1940 1996
Mellor John W. 1950 1987
Mix Lewellyn S. 1946 1994
Mix Maurice E. 1950 1994
Mogil Laurey   1976 2011
Mondy* Nell I. PhD '53 2000
Mueller George   1954 2014
Mulcahy J. Patrick   1966 1996
Mullarkey David   1988 2018
Mullarkey Kim   1988 2018
Neel, III Harry   1962 1985
Niederhauser* John S. 1939 1997
Noble John A. 1976 1999
Nolan David J. 1949 1997
Nolan Peter J. 1980 2001
Nozzolio Michael F. 73, MS '77 2015
O'Connell Frank J. 1965, MBA '66 2006
Odak Perry D. 1968 2004
Offutt Susan E. 1980 1997
Olayan Lubna   1977 2012
Pamkowski Peter   1974 2014
Peck Joseph D. 1960 1989
Pendergast* H. Joseph   1938 1986
Pollard Ken   1958 2011
Potter* Bernard W. 1943 1982
Preger Sellew Lisa   1979, MBA '79, MBA '82 2019
Pulver Mary (Mollie) A. 1980 2008
Putnam Lloyd A. "Steve" 1944 2002
Resnick Gene D. 1970, MD '74 2009
Rice David M. 1951 2000
Riehlman Judith F. 1980 1991
Rippy Marian K. MS '79 2006
Robinson, Sr.* Donald G. 1941 1983
Rodee Celia E. 1981 2004
Rosenberg David   1989, MD '93 2019
Rowley Jean R. 1954 1994
Saltonstall Peter B. 1975 2007
Sands* Fenton B. 1942 1991
Sellew Mark   1978 2019
Severinghaus* C. William   1939 1987
Shaul* Max V. 1942 1978
Shepardson* E. Stanley   1936 1987
Simon Gross Lorette   1989, MBA '90 2018
Sipher Erton W. 1943 1983
Slusarczyk* Edwin L. 1949 1989
Smith* Robert S. 1942 1987
Smith* Steve M. 1935 1991
Smith, II* William T. 1938 1982
Stern Ernest L. 1956 2005
Talmage John H. 1952 1981
Teele Stephen E. 1972 2009
Teich Natalie   1965 2018
Ten Eyck, II Peter G. 1960 1997
Teng-Hui Lee   1968 1995
Tetor David R. 1965 2002
Thompson Robert L. 1967 1988
Thompson Michael   1977 2018
Tobin Robert G. 1960 2007
Troy Michael A. 1981 2016
Valla Michael E. 1976 2001
Van Deusen Marie   1974 2006
Vincent Richard F. 1959 2008
Voss Elwyn G. 1964 1998
Wagner Kim   1985 2012
Walkley* Frank A. 1943 1995
Warner* Richard G. 1951 1993
Warren* Stanley W. 1927 1984
Westring Pike M. Elizabeth   PhD '83 2016
Wickham Thomas H. 1962 1998
Wickham* Don J. 1924 1979
Widger Bruce W. 1951 1995
Wigginton B. Eliot   1965 1984
Wilcox* G. Harris   1943 2006
Wiley* Frank L. 1944 1984
Wilkerson L. John   MS '67, PhD '70 2003
Wille* Charles E. 1950 1996
Winch, Jr. Fred E. 1937 1997
Wing Kenneth E. 1958 1995
Yunker Craig   1972 2005