Recent Publications

BSc Thesis:

  • Levitt, Caleb 2023. Day/Night distribution of mysids in Lake Ontario. Cornell University. Advisor Watkins

  • Vasicek, Maxwell 2023. The economics of changing angler demographics on Oneida Lake. Advisor Rudstam and VanDeValk

  • Jordan, Peter 2023. Effects of Bythotrephes on yellow perch in Oneida Lake. Advisor Rudstam and Figary

Master's Thesis:

  • Paul Smith College – Supervised by Dr. Ellen George with input from Rudstam, VanDeValk, Brooking, Holeck.

  • Benoit, M, 2023. Environmental drivers of freshwater drum recruitment in Oneida Lake, New York. 

  • Billman, E, 2023. Public outreach and the Oneida Lake Profile. 

  • Geiger, M, 2023. The Big Red "Drop" Box: an online educational outreach for K-12 education on Oneida Lake. 

  • Hiner, B, 2023. Impacts of Changing Ice Phenology on Recreational Ice Fishing on Oneida Lake, New York. 

  • Manchester, G, 2023. Angler ecological knowledge and conservation attitudes towards double-crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) on Oneida Lake.

  • Mashburn, W, 2023. Structure and composition of Shack Forest: a baseline inventory of forest conditions & initiation of long-term monitoring study. 

  • Murphy, TI, 2023. The potential impact of the introduction of the Round Goby (Neogobius melanostomus) on average shell length of invasive Quagga Mussel (Dreissena rostriformis) and Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) in Oneida Lake, New York.

Ph.D Thesis:

  • Stephanie E. Figary, 2023. Cornell University, DNRE.  Small, but powerful: Using decades of zooplankton community structure data to understand the Laurentian Great Lakes and beyond. Advisors Watkins and Rudstam.

  • Maria Sol Lisboa, 2023. Cornell University, Biological Engineering. Insights into groundwater seepage: examining the dynamics of phosphorus loadings at multiple scales in Oneida Lake, New York.  Advisors Todd Walter, Rebecca Schneider, Rudstam.

Journal articles:

Oneida Lake, inland lakes, and global comparisons

  • Adamovich, BV, OA Makarevich, AY Karatayev, LG Rudstam, RA Kavalevskaya, MA Baturina, TV Zhukova, 2023. Temporal and spatial distribution of macrobenthos in three polymictic lakes of different trophic state: a case study of the Narochianskie Lakes (Belarus). Hydrobiologia, in press

  • Andres, KJ, DM Lodge, J Andres. 2023. Environmental DNA reveals the genetic diversity and population structure of an invasive species in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 120:e2307345120.

  • Andres, KJ, TD Lambert, DM Lodge, J Andrés, JR Jackson. 2023. Combining sampling gear to optimally inventory species highlights the efficiency of  eDNA metabarcoding. Environmental DNA 5:146-157.

  • McCune, AR, SM Bogdanowicz, P Buston, JR Jackson, RG Harrison. 2023. Spawning behavior in a non-Teleost Actinopterygian: Genetic evidence for both monogamy and polygamy in Amia. Ichthyology & Herpetology 111:522-542.

  • Mei, X, L Zhang, V Razlustkij, BV Adamovich, ZS Liu, M Meerhoff, E Jeppesen, LG Rudstam, HJ Dumont, Z Zhang. 2023. Effects of omnivorous tilapia on phytoplankton and water quality in an ecosystem with submerged macrophytes. Hydrobiologia in press

  • Poslednik, AM, T Evans, JR Jackson, A VanDeValk, T Brooking, LG Rudstam. 2023. Round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) δ13C/δ15N discrimination values and comparisons of diets from gut content and stable isotopes in Oneida Lake. PLoS ONE e0284933

  • Karatayev, V, LG Rudstam, AY Karatayev, L Burlakova, B Adamovich, H Zhukava, KT Holeck, AL Hetherington, JR Jackson, C Balogh, Z Serfőző, CW Hotaling. TV Zhukova, TM Mikheyeva, R Kovaleskaya, OA Makarevich, DV Kruk. 2023. Time scales of ecosystem impacts and recovery under individual and serial invasions. Ecosystems 26:1224-12137

  • Jordan, PDB, SE Figary, TE Brooking, KT Holeck, CW Hotaling, AJ VanDeValk, LG Rudstam. 2023. The effects of Bythotrephes longimanus invasion on diets and growth of age-0 yellow perch in Oneida Lake, New York. Ecol Freshw Fish 32:712-723. doi:10.1111/eff.12717

  • Krabbenhoft, CA, SA Ludsin, EA Marschall, RR Budnik, LZ Almeida, CL Cahill, HS Embke, ZS Feiner, PJ Schmalz, MJ Thorstensen, MJ Weber, MR Wuellner, GJA Hansen. 2023. Synthesizing Professional Opinion and Published Science to Build a Conceptual Model of Walleye Recruitment. Fisheries.

  • Koeberle, AL, W Pearsall, BE Hammers, D Mulhall, JE McKenna, Jr, M Chalupnicki, SA Sethi. 2023. Whole-lake acoustic telemetry to evaluate survival of stocked juvenile fish. Sci Rep 13:18956.

  • Jackson, JR, A Quinn. 2023. Post-Darwinian fish classifications: theories and methodologies of Gunther, Cope, and Gill. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 45:4.

  • Oswald, SA, JM Arnold.  2023. Challenges of quantifying direct heat stress effects of climate change on seabirds. Marine Ecology Progress Series, HEATav7. Advanced view.

  • Oswald, SA, ICT Nisbet, CS Mostello, 2023. Common Terns Sterna hirundo and Roseate Terns Sterna dougallii frequently rest on the sea surface in winter quarters and during migration. Bird Study, 70: 76-83.

  • Richardson, LS, RA Fuller, DA Stewart, JA McDonald, K Robertson, SAOswald. 2023. Saving our seabirds: variable breeding success of Red-tailed Tropicbirds in the Great Barrier Reef reveals the need for robust monitoring. Emu, 123: 345–356.

  • Volponi, SN, HL Wander, DC Richardson, CJ Williams, DA Bruesewitz, S Arnott, JA Brentrup, HL Edwards, HA Ewing, K Holeck, L Johnson, BS Kim, AM Morales‐Williams, N Nadkarni, BC Norman, L Parmalee, A Shultis, A Tracy, NK Ward, KC Weathers, CR Wigdahl‐Perry, K Yokota. 2023. Nutrient function over form: Organic and inorganic nitrogen additions have similar effects on lake phytoplankton nutrient limitation. Limnology and Oceanography 68: 307-321

  • Kassam, KAS, M Ruelle, CP Dunn, R Pandya, F Wyndham. 2023. Rhythms of the Earth—Editorial Introduction. Geohealth 7.

Great Lakes related

  • Arnold, JM, SA Oswald, DJ Tyerman, MJ Barker. 2023. Predator exclusion grids protect Common Terns from avian nest predators at Presqu’ile Provincial Park, Lake Ontario. Ontario Birds, 41: 119–142.

  • Brown, TA, LG Rudstam, JP Holden, BC Weidel, AS Ackiss, AJ Ropp, MA Chalupnicki, JE McKenna Jr., SA Sethi. 2023. Larval cisco and lake whitefish exhibit high distributional overlap within nursery habitats. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 32:804-823. doi:10.1111/eff.12722

  • Fanberg, LM, JK Connolly. 2023. Cyclops divergens Lindberg, 1936 (Cyclopoida: Cyclopidae): first record of occurrence in Lake Superior, USA. Zootaxa 5323: 443-445.

  • Evans, TM, LG Rudstam, SA Sethi, DM Warner, SD Hanson, B Turschak, SA Farha, AR Barnard, DL Yule, MR  DuFour, TP O’Brien, KN  McDonnell, JM Watkins,  SR Koproski, SE Wells, PM Dieter, E Kocherm, JJ Roberts, SA Senczyszyn, PC Esselman.  2023. Fish avoidance of ships during acoustic surveys tested with quiet uncrewed surface vessels. Fish. Res. 267:106817 

  • Figary, SE, KT Holeck, CW Hotaling, JM Watkins, JR Lantry, MJ Connerton, SE Prindle, ZF Biesinger, BP O'Malley, LG Rudstam. 2023. Lake Ontario’s nearshore zooplankton: Community composition changes and comparisons to the offshore. J. Great Lakes Res. 49: 698-712.

  • Gatch, AJ, D Gorsky, BC Weidel, ZF Biesinger, MJ Connerton, C Davis, H Lachance, BP O’Malley. 2023. Seasonal habitat utilization provides evidence for site fidelity during both spawn and non-spawning seasons in Lake Ontario cisco Coregonus artedi. J. Great Lakes Res. 49:1045-1058

  • Hayhurst, BA, KM Buscaglia, KG Keil, J Kreitinger, D Breneman.  2023. Evaluating restoration success in a Great Lakes embayment: A case study for addressing beneficial use impairments. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 49(5): 1150-1165.

  • Holda, TJ, JM Watkins, AE Scofield, SA Pothoven, DM Warner, TP O'Brien, KL Bowen, WJS Currie, DJ Jude, PV Boynton, LG Rudstam. 2023. Intra-lake trends and inter-lake comparisons of Mysis diluviana life history variables and their relationships to food limitation. J. Great Lakes Res. 49:1179–1189.

  • Kovalenko, KE, ED Reavie, S Figary, LG Rudstam, JM Watkins, AE Scofield, CT Filstrup. 2023. Zooplankton-phytoplankton biomass and diversity relationships in the Great Lakes. PLoS ONE 18:e0292988.

  • Weidel, BC, C Davis, BP O'Malley, H Lachance, CA Osborne, AJ Gatch, SL Furgal, GE Mackey, MA Chalupnicki, NM Sard, A Heisey, MJ Connerton, BF Lantry. 2023. Field and laboratory validation of new sampling gear to quantify coregonine egg deposition and larval emergence across spawning habitat gradients. J. Great Lakes Res. 49:1059-1068.

Data Papers:

  • Weidel, BC, TA Brown, 2023, Early life stage data for Lake Ontario fishes, 2018-2021: U.S. Geological Survey data release, doi:10.5066/P9LITE0X

Book chapters and report sections:

  • Clapp, DF, AS Briggs, JM Hessenauer, JP Holden, JA Kerns, MS Kornis, RA Redman, LG Rudstam, SP Sitar. 2023. Chapter 12: Cool- and cold-water fish in North American (Laurentian) Great Lakes in S Bonar, editor. Standard Methods

Research and technical reports:

  • Holeck, KT, LG Rudstam, C Hotaling, S Prindle, W Pearsall, J Lantry, M Connerton, C Legard, D Gorsky, C Farrell, B Lantry, B Weidel, B O’Malley. 2023. 2022 Status of the Lake Ontario lower trophic levels. NYSDEC Report.

  • Markham, JL, KT Holeck. 2023. Lower trophic level monitoring program. NYSDEC 2023, Lake Erie Fisheries Research Unit 2022 Annual Report. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Albany, New York, USA. Section J.

  • Oswald SA, JM Arnold, PD Curtis 2023. Report on research and management of Common Terns (Sterna hirundo) at Oneida Lake, NY in 2022 [and quarterly reports]. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Albany, NY. 

  • VanDeValk, AJ, TE Brooking, N Saavedra, LG Rudstam, KT Holeck, C Hotaling. 2023. The fisheries and limnology of Oneida Lake, 2022. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Albany, NY.

Outreach articles:

  • VanDeValk, AJ. The Chain Pickerel in Oneida Lake. Oneida Lake Association Bulletin. Spring 2023

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