Plant Growth Facility Resources for Cornell Researchers

How to access the resources on this page

These resources are created for Cornell researchers and educators, who either have existing projects or are interested in starting a new project at the plant growth facilities managed by Cornell AES.

Most resources on this page link to PDF documents. Some require Cornell login, and you will be prompted to sign in with your Cornell Single Sign On (SSO) information. 

Important Information

Cornell’s greenhouses and plant growth chambers are the proving grounds for groundbreaking research. They provide carefully controlled environments where Cornell scientists test and fine-tune new ideas and methods. Cornell AES’ dedicated staff provides unparalleled services and support, to maintain conditions critical to success.

Control of Plant Virus

Tobacco Mosaic Virus Control

Tobacco Mosaic Virus – TMV – is a plant disease that negatively impacts solanaceous crops, which include tobacco, tomato, pepper and potato.  Managing TMV is essential to ensure ongoing productive and reliable research on solanaceous crops.  TMV will always be an issue unless the CALS research community takes appropriate steps to control the virus.  

Please reference the following materials as we work together to minimize the incidence and spread of TMV:

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