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Evolving to Meet 21st Century Needs

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has begun an exciting new process – creating a “CALS Roadmap to 2050” - to envision the future for our college and define where and how we will enhance our impact in the coming decades.

To help us think boldly and creatively, we engaged with IDEO, an external strategic innovation and design firm. Together, we spoke with a wide range of future-focused academic and industry leaders as well as CALS and Cornell faculty, staff and administrators to identify what CALS must consider as it moves into the future. The CALS leadership team and I worked together with IDEO to develop strategy prototypes—a set of “Big Ideas” that help us imagine what the future of CALS might look like if we made different strategic choices. These prototypes are designed to inform our process and provoke discussion and feedback from all our audiences and stakeholders—students, alumni, staff, friends and faculty (you!).

With your feedback on what resonates most, what feels like it’s missing, and how we might improve these prototypes, we will align on a singular vision with priority areas of focus that future committees will flush out to make our aspirations a reality.

-Benjamin Z. Houlton, Ph.D.
The Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
November 1, 2021

Here's a video summary about the project - feedback salons at bottom: