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See how our current work and research is bringing new thinking and new solutions to some of today's biggest challenges.

Our Overarching Goal

Cornell CALS spearheads the "solutions century" by collaborating with the larger university, our network of partners, and local to global communities to coalesce around the world’s leading challenges.

We'll connect across all of New York state and the world to enliven our innovation ecosystem, connecting local to global programs in the form of new collaborations and basic discoveries. As we maintain our core work and departmental focal strengths, we'll prioritize five transdisciplinary moonshots to evolve our programs: redesigning 21st century agri-food systems, pioneering life science breakthroughs, synthetic biology, holistic climate solutions, and a strategic wild card.

We'll actively translate, share, and scale our transdisciplinary solutions for global application – and bring learnings from abroad back home. By bridging basic and applied perspectives, we will foster opportunities to work on big challenges in an increasingly small and hyperconnected world.

Roadmap video overview

Dean Ben Houlton explains the vision and goals of our new roadmap (4:00)

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