Office of the Senior Associate Deans

The office of the Senior Associate Deans (SAD) oversees faculty and department affairs; sponsored research; and the academic aspects of facilities, financial planning, and human resources. Beth A. Ahner, Ph.D., and Max J. Pfeffer, Ph.D. are the Senior Associate Deans.

The SAD office:

  • coordinates and aids faculty searches
  • aids chairs and candidates with academic promotions
  • oversees the selection of department chairs
  • coordinates and assists facilities projects  
  • assists the CALS Faculty Senate
  • assists in the development and support of sponsored projects
  • approves and coordinates faculty leaves.

For faculty employment-related documents, visit the faculty appointment, promotion, and tenure web pages.

In addition to these regular activities, the office sponsors a diversity of special projects during the year.


Beth Ahner Beth A. Ahner

Senior Associate Dean

Max Pfeffer Max J. Pfeffer

Senior Associate Dean

Janet Edwards Janet Edwards

Administrative Assistant

Renee M. Hoffman Renee M. Hoffman

Administrative Assistant to Max Pfeffer

Anne Marie Sheridan Anne Marie Sheridan

Administrative Assistant to Beth Ahner

Contact Information

265-269 Roberts Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-5905
Telephone: 607-255-4677 / 607 254-6765
E-mail: /