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Registration is now open

We are accepting registration for the 
June 3 & 4, 2024 virtual class

This course covers the training requirements for facilities manufacturing shelf stable foods using Mild Thermal Processes, such as acidified foods and Water Activity Controlled Foods.

Day 1 - June 3rd


            12:15 pm                  Introduction to the course

1          12:25-12:45 pm       Introduction

2          12:45-2:20 pm         Microbiology of Thermally Processed Foods

            2:20-2:30 pm            Break

3          2:30-4:20 pm           Sanitation for Retorts and Atmospheric Cookers

            4:20-4:30 pm            Break

6          4:30-5:10 pm           Closures for Glass and Twist-Off Plastic Containers

            5:10 pm – noon        Online exams available until Tues at 12 noon, 1 h-period per exam

Day 2 - June 4th


6          12:15-1:40 pm         Closures for Glass and Twist-Off Plastic Containers

            1:40-1:50 pm           Break

8          1:50-3:45 pm           Introduction to Thermal Processing

            3:45-3:55 pm           Break

15        3:50-5:15 pm           Mild Thermal Processes

            5:15 pm – noon        Online exams available until Wed at 12 noon, 1 h-period per exam

End of Course


A registration fee of $360 per person covers the Acidified (Mild Thermally Processed) Foods Program. Students are required to purchase a text book at the cost of $85.00 plus shipping and handling. The textbook ordering instructions will follow in an email after payment is completed. Only $150 will be refunded for cancellations after March 18, 2024.

Student requirements

  • A computer with video conferencing capabilities and camera.
  • High-speed internet access.
  • A quiet space to participate in video conferencing with no noise interference.
  • Your copy of the Canned Foods manual.
    • You will receive a separate email with instructions on how to order your textbook.
  • Highlighter, pen and notepad.
  • Register for the course in advance to receive individual login instructions.
    • Online instruction will be held using Zoom.
    • Don’t have zoom, sign up for free at and click on “Sign Up, It’s Free.”

Student participation

  • Log into the course 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the class to ensure your video and audio work properly.
  • Instructors must have continual visual contact with students.  This is required for students to receive credit.
  • Students will be able to ask and/or answer questions either via chat or audio.
  • Students must turn off their phones and other recording devices during their time in class.


  • Each online exam is multiple choice.
  • Exams are self-scoring.  You will receive your results once you click submit.
  • Upon successful completion of the exams, you will receive your certificate in the mail within a few weeks after the last day of class.


Sponsored by

Cornell Food Venture Center, Department of Food Science - Cornell University, Institute for Food Safety at Cornell University, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Consumer Brands Association Foundation, NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.


The Better Process Control Schools (BPCS) certify supervisors of thermal processing systems, acidification, and container closure evaluation programs for low-acid and acidified canned foods. Each processor of low-acid or acidified foods must operate with a certified supervisor on hand at all times during processing.


FDA's regulations in 21 CFR 108, 113, and 114 became effective May 15, 1979. These regulations are designed to prevent public health problems in low-acid and acidified low-acid canned foods. The BPCS provide the practical application of the principles set forth by these regulations. These FDA regulations also apply to low-acid canned pet foods.


Similar regulations and training requirements, 9 CFR 318.300 and 381.300 for thermally processed meat and poultry products, were implemented by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) on June 19, 1987. This school satisfies the training requirements specified in both the FDA and USDA regulations.


Questions?  Contact: Kim Paul - 315-408-1843 or kmp245 [at]

Date & Time

June 3, 2024 - June 4, 2024
12:15 pm - 5:10 pm

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Contact Information

Kim Paul


Dr. Olga Padilla-Zakour

  • oip1 [at]

Dr. Bruno Xavier

  • bmx2 [at]


Food Science

Cornell Food Venture Center

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Cornell Food Venture Center

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