Ji-Hong Liu

Professor, College of Horticulture and Forestry Sciences, Huazhong Agricultural University

Summary of my work

My research interest relates to the exploration and utilization of citrus germplasm with elite attributes, with the major focus on the following research areas, elucidation of physiological and molecular mechanisms underlying stress tolerance of elite germplasms, cloning and functional characterization of key genes involved in stress tolerance, and production of stress-resistant novel germplasms by means of genetic transformation. So far, we have cloned and characterized seven stress-responsive genes, and have inexplicitly illustrated the mode of action of some genes to gain new insight into the stress signaling pathway. We also generated transgenic sweet orange with enhanced resistance to citrus canker disease and transgenic trifoliate orange with improved salt tolerance. At present the transgenic plants are under scrupulous evaluation for their potential application.

Impacts in China

Citrus is one of the most important fruits in China. However, development of citrus industry is impeded by the frequent occurrence of abiotic stresses, such as cold, drought and mineral deficiency. Generation of stress tolerant cultivars and rootstocks is crucial for the stable and sound development of citrus industry. There are some elite germplasms that can be integrated into breeding program. However, due to the polyembryony nature and other reproductive barriers it is challenging to transfer the tolerance from these elite germplasms into the targets. Genetic engineering is a rational approach for circumventing the reproductive barriers. Therefore, the genes cloned in our research projects can be used for genetic engineering of citrus to improve stress tolerance. The transgenic citrus plants generated in our laboratory can be incorporated into breeding pipeline in the future. These new germplasms provide a valuable resource to elucidate the mechanisms of stress response. Our research contributes to both fundamental and applied citrus research in China.

Selected publications (* corresponding author, as of March 2014)

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