The Tang Cornell-China Scholars Program was established in 2000 through the generosity of the Jack C. Tang (唐骥千) Family Fund. The goal of the program is to enhance scientific and technological collaboration throughout the world by developing cooperative relationships between the best scholars at the thresholds of their careers from China and established research and education leaders at Cornell University. The Program supports and provides opportunities for outstanding scholars from China who are in their early careers in the agricultural and biological sciences and biological engineering to spend a full year at Cornell University undertaking research and education in their field of specialty.

What the Tang Program Expects of Scholar Nominees

Tang Cornell-China Scholarships are awarded to outstanding scholars early in their careers (typically under forty years of age) selected from nominees from the presidents of Chinese universities and research institutions by invitation. The scholars chosen to be Tang Cornell-China Scholars are expected to have a track record of outstanding capability in research and potential for research leadership, and are also expected to have demonstrated excellence in teaching or advising students.

Opportunity to Expand Research Capability and Build Partnerships with Cornell Faculty

Tang Cornell-China Scholars will have opportunities to build lasting research relationships with Cornell colleagues, to develop leadership skills to enhance research and technology developments, and to advance their home institutions in China to the highest research and educational levels. It is expected that the scholars will participate actively in teaching and advising during their tenure at Cornell, in order to enhance the quality of education in the scholars’ special field of study upon return to China. The Tang Scholars will return to their home institutions in China and continue their collaborations through established means.

An Extended Association with Cornell University

In order to enhance the quality of education in the scholar's special field of study upon his or her return to China, it is expected that during his/her residency at Cornell the Scholar will actively participate in the teaching/learning environment and will teach at least one course during his/her time as a scholar at Cornell. Once the Scholars have returned permanently to their home institutions in China, they should continue their collaborative efforts with Cornell researchers through established means. In subsequent years, it is anticipated that Scholars will return to Cornell for additional extended periods of research to maintain their associations with Cornell and to renew their understanding of the current research on the Ithaca campus.

Short visits by the Scholars to Cornell, as well as visits by Cornell faculty to the Scholars' institutions in China, are also encouraged.

Through these associations, the links between the Scholars and their Cornell colleagues and between Chinese institutions and Cornell University will become strong and lasting.