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Marissa Consalvi, senior financial reporting specialist in the Department of Animal Science, and Theresa Lagasse, senior financial reporting specialist in the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, received the Core Value Staff Award for Self Development Award at a ceremony Nov. 5 celebrating research, extension and staff excellence at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).

The Self Development Award is given to the team or individual who proactively seeks self-development and coaching opportunities; is self-aware; encourages others to develop themselves; seeks and acts upon performance feedback; works to continuously learn and improve; applies learning to evolving assignments; and takes measures to ensure personal well-being and balance.

Consalvi and Lagasse were recognized for their efforts to improve training and communication between the financial reporting and business service teams. Identifying a need for cross-team information-sharing and collaboration, the two took the initiative to develop and pitch an idea for a training program, which gained support from leadership.

The goals of the program illustrate a clear commitment to the development of others, with a focus not only on increasing knowledge, but also on critical thinking and peer development, according to Kathryn J. Boor '80, the Ronald P. Lynch Dean of CALS. 

"The program has been extremely well received, and staff outside of CALS have asked to participate," said Boor, who noted that Consalvi and Lagasse presented the program at a national training conference for university research administrators.

"Marissa and Theresa, thank you for your hard work and creativity in developing a course that can train the next generation of finance professionals to support the mission of CALS," said Boor. 

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