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Join us for COMMColloquium Friday, April 19, at 1:00 pm in 160 Mann Library Building. Visiting Associate Professor Bolin Cao (Shenzhen University) will present “Understanding Human-Chatbot Interaction: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Intergroup Perspectives.” The colloquium is followed by a reception, located in The Hub of the Department of Communication.

Earlier this month, we celebrated the retirement of Professor Diane Bailey with a breakfast at Ithaca Bakery. Diane joined us in 2019 following a targeted search for an established faculty member in communication technologies and digital media, upon which she was named Geri Gay Professor of Communication. During her time at Cornell, Diane was appointed Director of the Cornell Institute for Digital Agriculture. As a newly retired professor, she has already begun playing Pickleball! (See group pic below.)


Lecturer Jamal Uddin received a $5000 David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement grant to develop his Planning Communication Campaigns class (COMM 3760). The grant will support students in developing the “Bite Back: A Campaign to Illuminate Lyme Disease Awareness in Tompkins County” health campaign. The funds will support students in data collection and social media campaigns.


On April 6, 2024, Professor Lee Humphreys presented in a panel at the Cornell Asia-Pacific Leadership Conference in Seoul, Korea, entitled Deliberate Discourse: The Confluence of Psychology, Communications, and Behavioral Science in the 21st Century. (See pics below.)

 Professor Bruce Lewenstein delivered the keynote address at the New Voices, New Knowledge—A Public Communication of Science & Technology Network Symposium in Zacatecas, Mexico, entitled “Science Communication in a Diverse World.” Science communication has in recent years opened up new opportunities and ideas, drawing from more diverse languages, religious perspectives, and geographic regions. But this commitment to democracy and diversity can conflict with the scientific commitment to expertise. Bruce’s talk explored both practical and moral challenges that come with the manifest benefits for more diverse science communication.

On April 16, 2024 (today!), Associate Professor Neil Lewis, Jr., will deliver the Dean's Distinguished Lecture in the College of Education at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In the lecture, entitled “Publicly Engaged Research for Social Justice,” Neil will discuss the benefits of engaged research approaches for improving our understanding of social problems and developing effective interventions and policies for addressing them. His talk will also cover how incentive structures within universities affect scholars’ ability to conduct engaged research and offer suggestions for ways universities can better support engaged scholarship. In addition to the lecture, Neil will have fireside chats with graduate students who are interested in learning about conducting engaged research, as well as with junior faculty who are navigating the engaged research process while on the tenure track.

Media Coverage

In the last week, Associate Professor Brooke Duffy was quoted twice in the media. She was quoted in a Fortune article, entitled “Tech Layoffs Push Part-Time Content Creators into Becoming Full-Time Influencers—But It’s not Easy: You Have to Be Ready to Fail, Ready to not Make a Lot of Money.” She was also quoted in the Vox article “How to Be Enough: Our Obsession with Self-Improvement Is Making Us Miserable.”

Professor Bruce Lewenstein was featured in the Cleveland American article “Zacatecas, Headquarters of the Festival of Science and Dissemination – Government of Zacatecas” about New Voices, New Knowledge—A Public Communication of Science & Technology Network symposium, where he gave the keynote. (See above under Lectures.) 


Professor Emeritus Royal (Roy) Colle co-edited and published Beyond Borders: Exploring the History of Cornell’s Global Dimensions. Published by Cornell Press, the anthology includes 58 stories, and among them is a Department of Communication vignette. Read about it in the Tompkins Weekly story “Cornell Releases Anthology of 58 Stories of the University’s International Programs.” 

Picture Time!

Celebrating Diane’s retirement: Pictured from bottom left and clockwise around are Lee Humphreys, Connie Yuan, Diane Bailey, Poppy McLeod, Brooke Duffy, Esther Angert, Bruce Lewenstein, Lauren Chambliss, and Kelli Carr.

Ever the mobile scholar, Lee took a selfie at the Cornell Asia-Pacific Leadership Conference.

Comm alum Keun Hee (Kylie) Youk ’20 presented at the reception for the Cornell Asia-Pacific Leadership Conference.

Pictured here are three #scicomm musketeers watching the eclipse from Torreón, Mexico. From left: Miguel Garcia, coordinator of the Quark science youth group at Autonomous University of Zacatecas (Mexico) and executive director of the Network on Popularization of Science in Latin America and the Caribe, who was a visitor to the Department of Communication a decade ago; Professor Bruce Lewenstein; Diogo Lopes de Oliveira, professor of communication at the Federal University of Campina Grande and Director at the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of Pernambuco (Brazil), who spent two years as a Visiting Professor in the Department of Communication (2019–2021).

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