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The Cornell Hudson Valley Research Laboratory’s (CHVRL) new entomologist wants to expand the lab’s success by enhancing its research capabilities in the field of insect pest management.

Carlos Andres Antolinez Delgado, who goes by Andres Antolinez, started as the lab’s entomologist and senior research associate in October 2023. He joins CHVRL after working in the lab of Monique Rivera, assistant professor of entomology, at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, New York.

“I am excited to join CHVRL and contribute to the development of sustainable pest management strategies in the region,” Antolinez said. “My primary objective is to generate information that facilitates pest control in high-value commercial varieties cultivated in the Hudson Valley, thereby supporting producers in staying competitive and maintaining the delivery of high-quality products to the market.”

A native of Colombia, Antolinez has a diverse background in biological sciences with a Master of Science degree in plant pathology from the University of the Andes in Colombia and a Ph.D. in entomology from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain. His research experience includes positions as an assistant professor at the University of Santender, Colombia, and as a postdoctoral associate under Rivera at the University of California, Riverside, and Cornell University, where they worked on mating disruption and efficacy of insecticides against the woolly apple aphid.

Antolinez brings a comprehensive understanding of the biology, dispersal and control of insect pests. With a focus on integrated pest management, emerging insect pests and the impact of climate change on insect populations, he takes a holistic approach to addressing complex challenges in agriculture.

His expertise lies in the biology and control of insects affecting fruit trees and vegetable crops, with a specific focus on invasive species. His extensive experience in working with pests across different agricultural systems in Europe, South America and North America is an asset for CHVRL, according to its director, Jared Buono.

Antolinez will primarily work with fruit trees, concentrating on issues related to insect pests impacting apple crops. His research goals include examining factors affecting insect dispersal, host recognition and colonization.

Antolinez also is working to establish strong collaborations with stakeholders, the agricultural chemical industry and other researchers to enhance the effectiveness of pest management practices in the region. He is developing a program to test the efficacy of current and new compounds, with an emphasis on controlling the brown marmorated stink bug and woolly apple aphid in apples, as well as the spotted lanternfly in grapes. He also plans to establish a robust program to conduct surveillance of pest populations with a focus on apple and grape crops.

“We are thrilled to have Andres join us as our new entomologist at the Hudson Valley Lab. He is already hard at work, crafting a research program that directly addresses the pressing concerns of local apple growers,” Buono said. “His wide experience in tree fruit research is a valuable asset to our team as we prepare for the next 100 years of agricultural research in the Hudson Valley.”

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