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Bruno Xavier, Ph.D. '08, starred in a Wall Street Journal video breaking down every ingredient in Oreo cookies.

Over 40 billion Oreo cookies are produced each year, making these chocolatey treats one of the world's most popular cookies. But how exactly are Oreos made? 

Bruno Xavier, Ph.D. '08, associate director of the Cornell Food Venture Center and member of the New York State Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture staff, shared his food science expertise in a video with The Wall Street Journal. 

In the video, Xavier explores every component of these delectable sandwich cookies, from how the cocoa used for the chocolate cookie is processed, to how these "creme"-filled cookies contain no dairy and are totally vegan - even if they are best enjoyed with a cold glass of milk. 

To see Bruno's full breakdown, watch the video below:

Jacob Pucci is the marketing and communications coordinator for the New York State Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture at Cornell AgriTech.

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