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Join us for COMMColloquium this Friday, March 3, at 2:00 pm. in 102 Mann Library Building. Y. Connie Yuan will present “The Impact of Culture: From Group Collaboration to Collective Action.”


Assistant Professor Andrea Stevenson Won, PI, “Social Virtual Reality Experiences for Hospitalized Older Adult Trauma Patients to Reduce Pain”: The National Institutes of Health grant will fund a pilot study using social virtual reality in older adult trauma patients, in a two-step study to examine feasibility, usability, and acceptability for patients, their friends and family, and, as a secondary measure, clinicians who are involved in patient care.


Tara C Pilato, Faten Taki, Kaitlyn Sbrollini, Amanda Purington Drake, Brian Maley, Stephen Yale-Loehr, Jane L Powers, Professor Natalya N Bazarova, Aparajita Bhandari, Gunisha Kaur, February 2023, “Knowledge of legal rights as a factor of refugee and asylum seekers’ health status: a qualitative study,” BMJ Open. The research examined health behaviors of refugees and asylum seekers in relation to their knowledge of public benefits and legal rights. Interviews with refugees and asylum seekers in the NYC area were conducted utilizing an open-ended, semi-structured interview guide and thematic content was analyzed using qualitative research software. Amanda is a recently graduated Ph.D.; Aparajita is a current Ph.D candidate.

Motasem Kalaji, Alan Mathios, Professor Jeff Niederdeppe, Christofer Skurka & Professor Sahara Byrne, November 2022, “Youth and Young Adult-Targeted E-Cigarette Warnings and Advertising Messages: An Experiment with Young Adults in the US,” Journal of Health Communication. Warnings specifically focused on harm to younger users have been understudied in vaping warning research, even while vaping products may appeal specifically to a younger population through implicit advertising strategies. This study examined how youth and young adult-focused e-cigarette health warning messages and implicit advertising strategies influence affective responses, risk perceptions, cognitive elaboration about e-cigarette harms, and willingness to vape in the future. Motasem and Christofer are recent Ph.D. graduates and newly appointed assistant professors.

Cat Lambert took students from her Communication and the Environment course (COMM 3210) to the Johnson Museum to learn about artistic depictions of the natural world, and how art and media construct and contest meanings of "the environment."

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A survey of farmers in four Northeast states, including New York, found that incentive payments encouraged participants to plant twice as many acres of cover crops as they did prior to receiving funds – a change that can both improve their farms...

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