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Juan Carlos Ramos is the new on-farm research coordinator for the Nutrient Management Spear Program (NMSP), housed in Cornell CALS Department of Animal Science. Ramos' extension focus will explore farmer-driven research covering nutrient management, soil health and environmental sustainability.

Get to know Carlos:

Previous position:

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Academic background:
  • MS Mechanized Systems Management, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • BS Environment and Development Sciences, Zamorano University, Honduras

What projects and/or research are you currently working on? What impact is your work making in the world?

My first project with the NMSP team studies the value of manure as a soil amendment. With this project our team tries to quantify the agronomic and economic benefits of using manure as a source of nutrients for crops and as a soil health enhancer. I hope our results will help to identify how manure can help to continue to move into sustainable and resilient agricultural systems.

What most excites you about this opportunity?

I am excited to have the chance to collaborate and build relationships between academics, producers, crop consultants, industry and public sector stakeholders that share the same goal: to improve the profitability and competitiveness of farms while protecting the environment.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I enjoy running, biking, reading and taking pictures. I am also a martial arts enthusiast!

What would you like people to know about your field?

Proper nutrient management can reduce production costs, decrease environmental risks and increase the resilience of farms.

If you had unlimited grant funding, what major problem in your field would you want to solve?

I would like to see every farm have healthy soils! Soil has a crucial role in the sustainability of both agricultural and livestock production.


Daniella Garcia-Loos Almeida ’25 is a physics major in the College of Arts and Sciences and a student writer for Cornell CALS Department of Animal Science.

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